RFMW announced design and sales support for a full band Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) filter designed for the U.S. market. The Sangshin MBP84RC2N3625S150D is a small form factor ceramic filter covering the full 3,550 to 3,700 MHz CBRS radio band. Rated to 5 Watts average power, it offers excellent properties in terms of size vs performance making it suitable for high power MIMO applications. Low passband insertion loss of 2 dB maximum and 1 dB of typical pass band ripple helps maintain maximum power and throughput over an operating temperature of -40 to +85°C. Measuring just 24 mm in length, the MBP84RC2N3625S150D exhibits excellent rejection performance. Sangshin offers filter customization of pass band center frequency, bandwidth and attenuation for a variety of customer specific applications.