HASCO’s V-Band double balanced mixer offers full waveguide band coverage, with the RF and LO frequency ranges from 50 to 75 GHz and IF from 1 to 10 GHz. The HWMX15-SFV mixer can be used either as an up-converter or down-converter and only needs 13 dBm LO drive to achieve 10 dB conversion loss, which reduces intermodulation distortion. LO to RF isolation is typically 20 dB.

The HWMX15-SFV achieves excellent performance across the extended frequency range by using zero bias, beam lead, GaAs Schottky diodes to achieve the lowest capacitance. The RF and LO ports, oriented at right angles, were designed for full WR15 coverage. The IF port, opposite the RF port, interfaces with an SMA coaxial connector, making the overall size of the mixer compact for integration in the next level of assembly.

Complementing the V-Band design, HASCO offers broadband mixers for E- and W-Band. The HWMX12-SFE covers E-Band, from 60 to 90 GHz, with WR12 waveguide RF and LO ports. The IF frequency range is 0.1 to 10 GHz. Typical conversion loss is 9 dB with +13 dBm LO drive and 20 dB LO to RF isolation. The HWMX10-SFW covers W-Band, from 75 to 110 GHz, with an IF from 0.1 to 10 GHz. The RF and LO ports mate with WR10 waveguide. With +13 dBm LO drive, the conversion loss is typically 9.5 dB, and the typical LO to RF isolation is also 20 dB.

Certified to AS9120:B and ISO 9001:2015, HASCO is a global distributor of quality RF/microwave components, specializing in a large selection of high performance connectors, adapters, attenuators, cable assemblies, terminations, filters and mixers—all available in stock for next-day delivery.

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