RFMW announced design and sales support for a high linearity attenuator from Renesas. The Renesas F2251 voltage variable attenuator covers a broad frequency range from 50 to 6000 MHz for applications including base stations (3G, 4G, 5G), repeaters, DPD, point-to-point infrastructure, JTRS radios, wireless LAN and test equipment. Superb linearity is apparent with minimum 67 dBm IIP3 (typ.) and IIP2 of 105 dBm. With 33.6 dB attenuation range, insertion loss is 1.4 dB. The F2251 uses a single positive supply voltage of 3.15 to 5.25 V and features a positive attenuation slope only. Offered in a 3 x 3 mm VFQFPN package.