Empower RF announced the production release of Model 2239 pulsed driver amplifier producing a minimum of 1 KW peak power. The 2239 is an intelligent amplifier in a compact 3U rack compatible footprint with features ideal for integrating into Magnetron, IOT, Klystron and TWT systems. 

The amplifier is designed for 0 dbm input that is pulse modulated. A fast TTL gate input is standard, and it’s use optional when complete shutoff of the output stage is desired between pulses. Pulse capabilities include up to 20 percent duty cycles and pulse widths as long as 500 μsec with up to 25 KHz PRF’s. 

GaN on SiC devices are used in a multistage class AB configuration. Full self-monitoring protection is included and will self-protect with sudden open/short conditions and is tolerant to VSWR up to 3:1. Local and remote monitoring and control are standard.

Protections and Remote Monitoring 

•    Duty cycle and pulse width protection exceeding your pre-set value 
•    Power supply faults including input line voltage faults
•    Output power limit 
•    Input overdrive 
•    Excessive VSWR with user selectable fold-back or shutdown on fault 
•    Thermal alarming and protection
•    Cooling and electronic thermal management and fan health speed

Ease of System Integration

•    Factory Customizable I/O for interfacing/signaling external sensors and control
•    Alarms pushed out the LAN port, polling not required
•    Compact, lightweight, and portable for easier maneuverability in lab environments 
•    Modern and multi-faceted monitoring and control user interfaces, including a web browser, TCP/IP Ethernet, factory configurable serial RS-422 or RS232 interface and a front panel touchscreen display