7/16 Connectors

This 7/16 connector series operates from DC to 8 GHz and complies with the IEC and CECC standards. Intermodulation properties typically measure -165 dBc. Brass housings are available with silver or ternary alloy plating options. To facilitate numerous applications, male and female designs are available to accommodate semi-rigid, flexible and corrugated able, and press-fit, panel or bulkhead mounting. All styles are available in straight or right angle configurations. Custom cable assemblies are available upon request.

Compel Electronics Inc.,
Ashland, MA (508) 881-9293.

Circle No. 215

SPST Microrelay Switch

These single pole/single throw reflective microrelays are normally open DC switches that operate with a 35 to 90 V control voltage. Two individually controlled microrelays are packed in each SOIC8 package to form a switch pair that can be used as two individually controlled SPST, one SPDT or one DPST. Each switch has gold contacts with a 0.25 Ω contact resistance. The switches are capable of switching 50 V. Switching time is < 50 µs (with 48 V control voltage). Applications include high fidelity audio and video signal routing, cellular phones, battery-operated equipment, modems and communications circuits.

Cary, NC (919) 854-7500.

Circle No. 216

Duplexer/Low Noise Amplifier/ Multicoupler Assembly

The model WSDA-00020 is a TETRA band duplexer with integral low noise amplifier (LNA), internal DC power regulator and visual plus electric LNA fault detection. The receive center frequency (fo ) is designed to be factory tuned between 380 and 430 MHz and is configured for 5 MHz passband, with 10 MHz separation between receive fo and transmit fo . In the receive path, it offers a low noise figure of 2.8 dB (max) for the high gain output and 3.4 dB (max) for the low gain outputs. The receive path is designed to be tuned on the low side of the transmit passband and offers -60 dBc (min) rejection from DC to fo -12.5 MHz, -80 dBc rejection from fo +7.5 MHz to 1000 MHz and -60 dBc (min) from 1000 to 4000 MHz. The operating temperature is -30° to +50°C.

K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.

Circle No. 221

High Power SP6T Switch

The model number 561-5353 high power SP6T switch performs from DC to 1 GHz with an upgrade capability to 6.5 GHz. DC characteristics include 24 to 32 V DC (28 V DC nominal) and operating current of 200 mA (typ) at 25°C operation. Equipped with a normally open actuator, this switch has an operating speed of 20 ms (max). The SP6T switch can be used to connect one of six available antennas to a high power transmitter. The switch can also be used as a building block for high power switchable filter banks. SWR is 1.15 (max), isolation 80 dB (min) and insertion loss 0.15 dB (max).

Dow-Key Microwave Corp., a subsidiary of Dover Corp.,
Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260.

Circle No. 217

Cable Assembly

The Lab-Flex® 135 cable assembly addresses the needs of customers in test bench and in- strumentation markets by providing them with a cost-effective, low loss cable assembly with 2.4 mm connectors. It is designed to perform in frequencies ranging from DC to 46 GHz, and is equipped with a solid silver-plated copper inner conductor, taped micro-porous PTFE dielectric, three outer shields and an extruded FEP jacket. Designed to perform in harsh conditions, the Lab-Flex cable assembly can handle extreme environments ranging from -65° to +200°C. The velocity of propagation is 82 percent and shielding effectiveness is greater than 90 dB.

Florida RF Labs, a Smiths Group company,
Stuart, FL (772) 286-9300.

Circle No. 218

RF Matrix Switch

The model HRF-SW1040 high performance RF matrix switch was developed with the company's patented silicon on insulator (SOI) CMOS technology to enable integration of RF, passive and digital functions with low power dissipation. For wireless base station applications requiring multiple signal switching, the switch supplies four input by six output parallel control connections and dual band operations for both the 900 MHz AMPS and 1.9 GHz PCS cellular frequencies. The switch is available in a small leadless LPCC™ package, featuring low insertion loss, high port-to-port isolation and drop-in parallel programmability.

Phoenix, AZ (763) 954-2692.

Circle No. 219

RF Cable Assemblies

Due to the different designs of diverse communication applications and modules for wireless standards such as GSM, GPS or UMTS, the required RF cable assemblies need to be very specific. This full range of assemblies has been developed for modules from Siemens, Wavecom, Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia. For the module connection, PCB connectors from Murata and Hirose are used. For the antenna connection, a series of SMA, SMB, FME, SMS, BNC, SSMB Nano and MMCX connectors are available. The special connector design allows a safe and stable mechanical and electrical incorporation of the cables with their extremely small diameters. The RF cable assemblies are available in different cable length and within a short delivery time.

IMS Connector Systems Gmbh,
Loffingen, Germany +49 76 54 90 10.

Circle No. 220


The model M9-0545 mixer covers 5 to 45 GHz with a DC to 4.0 GHz IF. Designed for wide band applications requiring a broadband IF, the mixer is a unique double-balanced mixer design, available in a 2.92 mm connectorized outline. Local oscillator drive levels from 9 to 17 dBm are available. Typical conversion loss is 8 dB, with a typical LO to RF isolation of 30 dB.

Marki Microwave Inc.,
Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4200.

Circle No. 222

Bandpass Filter

The model 7893D low profile bandpass filter is designed specifically for the C-band market. It offers low insertion loss for the 3.7 to 4.2 GHz receive band and typical insertion loss is less than 0.4 dB at center frequency with 0.5 dB roll-off at the band edges. Rejection of 25 dB (min) at 3.65 and 4.25 GHz and provides suppression of marine and altimeter interference frequencies. In addition, the unit provides a full 75+ dB rejection at 3.5 and 4.4 GHz. Group delay of less than 8 ns makes this unit ideal for digital applications. Since the unit does the filtering at the C-band frequencies, LNA and LNB overload is prevented and overall picture quality is improved.

Microwave Filter Co.,
East Syracuse, NY (800) 448-1666 or (315) 438-4700.

Circle No. 224

SMK Connectors and Adapters

These series 200 connectors are a full gender family of 2.92 mm terminations, operating from DC to 40 GHz. Nominal SWR is 1.3 (return loss of -1.77 dB). Insertion loss is 0.5 dB at 40 GHz and 11 basic styles of straight and radius right angle connectors are available, as well as male and female cable connectors for 0.085, 0.118, 0.141 and 0.141 microporous semi-rigid and flexible cables.

St. Augustine, FL (877) 890-7483.

Circle No. 226

RF Coaxial Connectors

The HN series of RF coaxial connectors are designed for high voltage and high power mili- tary and commercial applications are rated at 1500 Vrms and 1800 W at 1 GHz over a DC to 4 GHz frequency range. Featuring overlapping Teflon® dielectric interfaces and long dielectric creep paths, they have brass bodies with a silver or nickel finish and gold- or silver-plated brass male center conductors, or gold-plated beryllium-copper female conductors.

Tru-Connector Corp.,
Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878 or (978) 532-0775.

Circle No. 227

40 GHz Coaxial Terminations

This high performance cost-effective design offers DC to 40 GHz operation with power handling to 2 W and SWR of 1.10 to 1.15. Other features include subminiature lightweight size, low SWR design option and rugged construction.

Frederick, MD (800) 638-2048 or (301) 846-9222.

Circle No. 223


In-building Amplifier

The model 110 in-building amplifier provides amplification of both uplink and downlink wireless signals in facilities located within reasonable proximity of cell sites and where wireless coverage is otherwise non-existent. It is designed to provide wireless coverage in smaller facilities with less than 10,000 square feet of required coverage area. Typical facilities include: offices, small warehouses, homes, basements and other shielded structures. Size: 4.0" x 3.5" x 1.2". Weight: 1 lb.

Cellular Specialties Inc.,
Manchester, NH (877) 844-4274.

Circle No. 230

MIC Amplifier

The model AML0518P2002 ultra-wideband 0.5 to 18.0 GHz, medium power microwave in- tegrated circuit (MIC) amplifier features 20 dB (min) gain and +20 dBm 1 dB gain compressed output power. Gain flatness is ±1 dB and noise figure performance is less than 4 dB above 4 GHz. Operating at a nominal voltage of 12 to 15 V DC, this product draws a maximum current of 180 mA. Input and output SWR is 2 (typ). Internal DC regulator, reverse voltage protection and field removable SMA connector shells are standard features.

AML Communications,
Camarillo, CA (805) 388-1345.

Circle No. 229

5.8 GHz Amplifier

The model FLH426A4N low cost, high performance 5.725 to 5.825 GHz power amplifier features 10 dB gain and 4 W output power. It operates over the -25° to +65°C temperature range with -10 dB (min) input and output match. It comes in compact tin plated aluminum housing with SMA connectors. Other packaging options cover the unlicensed national information infrastructure (UNII-3) band. Size: 1.25" x 1.50" x 0.37". Weight: 30 grams.

SatCon Electronics,
Marlborough, MA (508) 485-6350.

Circle No. 234

Digitally Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier

The model AD8369 digitally controlled variable gain amplifier was designed for use from very low frequencies to 500 MHz and provides very flat gain response across all gain settings. The device provides a gain control range from -5 to +40 dB, adjustable in 3 dB increments, and controllable through a four-bit digital interface that may be configured in either serial or parallel mode. The AD8369 is a differential input/differential output device with a high efficiency output stage that provides very low inter-modulation distortion, enabling the part to be used with high performance 12-bit analog-to-digital converters. It has been specified for operation within receive-path AGC loops found in cellular base station equipment. The amplifier is ideally suited for operation within next generation 2.5G/3G equipment employing higher and wider dynamic range IF sampling architectures. Price: $4.20 (1000).

Analog Devices Inc.,
Wilmington, MA (800) 262-5643.

Circle No. 228

UHF Booster Power Amplifier

This UHF booster power amplifier provides amplification in the 225 to 400 MHz band when a higher signal processing margin is required for voice and high speed data communications. When supplied with 15 W of RF input power, the amplifier generates an RF output of 100 W in the FM mode. For AM mode, when supplied with 4 W of RF input power, the EPA generates RF output of 20 W PEP. The amplifier is ideal in fighter jets, helicopters and air transport aircraft.

Herley Industries,
Farmingdale, NY (631) 630-2444.

Circle No. 231

GPS Low Noise Amplifier

The DDX series of low noise amplifiers provides a filtered, low noise gain solution for GPS applications. Two diplexed three-pole ceramic filters select only the desired GPS signals while the low noise gain stage maintains the receiving system's sensitivity. The LNA rejects undesired signals by at least 40 dB at 1050, 1410 and 1710 MHz. The preamplifier is powered by DC voltage applied to the center conductor of the output connector. Optionally, the unit can be powered through an external DC bias connector. It features an SWR of 1.5 and operates from -40° to +71°C.

Salisbury Engineering Inc.,
Delmar, Delaware (302) 846-2750.

Circle No. 233


Log Periodic Dipole Array

The model EM-6944 log periodic dipole array antenna offers an exceptional combination of frequency coverage and high power handling capability without compromising the consistent performance versus frequency that makes the log periodic antenna desirable from test applications. The wide band technology employed in the EM-6944 allows the convenience of a single antenna for tests that would require two or more antennas in the past. This antenna is ruggedly built and is individually calibrated.

Electro Metrics Inc.,
Johnstown, NY (518) 762-2600.

Circle No. 235

3.5' Offset Parabolic Antenna

The model 0052-800 offset focus parabolic antenna uses a high powered, wideband feed sys- tem and features a calibrated boresight scope for alignment. The feed is environmentally sealed, and it was originally designed for use in threat simulator systems. The antenna operates over the 2.0 to 8.0 GHz frequency range, with an SWR of &lte;2.1 (max). Weight: 22.5 lb.

Seavey Engineering Associates Inc.,
Pembroke, MA (781) 829-4740.

Circle No. 236

Embedded Diversity Antenna

The model 703652 spatial diversity embedded antenna is used in wireless local area network, wireless Internet, bar code scanners, point-of-purchase, retail, warehousing, manufacturing, security and computer applications. Available in custom fit and size, the antenna is lightweight, has easy assembly placement and a broad coverage range. The 703652 is available in 2.400 to 2.485 GHz frequency range and has gain of 0 dB in an omnidirectional pattern, SWR of 2.0 (max), linear polarization and 50 W impedance. Weight: 0.122 kg.

TECOM Industries Inc., a TRAK Communications company,
Thousand Oaks, CA (805) 267-0100.

Circle No. 237


LDMOS Transistors

These two LDMOS transistors are a 110 W peak model (1011LD110) and a 200 W peak model (1011LD200). Both target the Avionics pulsed power amplifier market and offer gold metallization for enhanced reliability and use ceramic/flange mount packages for ease of assembly into the amplifier. The 110 W and 200 W models offer 13 and 12 dB of gain, respectively, over the 1030 to 1090 MHz band. These devices have been specifically characterized for use in pulsed applications and are characterized to operate over the full range of applications - from IFF at short pulsed to the extended length Mode-S with the 2.16 ms burst. They are designed for operation at 32 V and include internal pre-match optimized for the operating frequency band.

Advanced Power Technology RF,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-8031.

Circle No. 238


The model CRF-22010 silicon carbide (SiC) RF power MESFET has superior properties compared to silicon or GaAs, including higher breakdown voltage, saturated electron drift velocity and higher thermal conductivity. They offer greater power density and increased reliability compared to Si and GaAs transistors. The MESFET features 12 dB small signal gain, 10 W (min) P1dB, 48 V operation and up to 3 GHz operation. Applications include class A, AB amplifiers, TDMA, EDGE, CDMA and W-CDMA, broadband amplifiers, CATV amplifiers, and MMDS.

Cree Inc.,
Durham, NC (919) 313-5300.

Circle No. 239


Active Transmit Mixers

The models STM-1116, STM2116 and SRM-3116 active transmit mixers, covering frequency bands from 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz, achieve low LO-RF leakage while providing high linearity IF-to-RF conversion for cellular, GSM, DCS, PCS and UMTS BTS applications. STM mixers include on-chip RF, IF and LO buffers, providing a high performance compact implementation of the upconverting function for base station transceivers. All three ICs are packaged in industry-standard 16-pin, exposed pad TSSOP plastic packages. The STM-116 covers 800 MHz to 1.0 GHz, providing 13 dB of gain, an output IP3 of 22 dBm and a noise figure of 9 dB. The STM-2116 covers 1.8 to 2.1 GHz, provides 17 dB of conversion gain, an output IP3 of 24 dBm and a noise figure of 9.5 dB. The STM-3116 is applicable to both UMTS and fixed-wireless applications, covering 2.1 to 2.5 GHz. The STM-3116 provides 17 dB of gain, an output IP3 of 24.5 dBm and a noise figure of 9.0 dB.

Sirenza Microdevices,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 616-5400.

Circle No. 240


High Performance Circuitry on Aluminum Nitride

This aluminum nitride, AlN, is designed for applications in the wireless, optoelectronic and military markets. AlN circuitry is used as an alterna- tive to conventional ceramic oxide substrates due to its high thermal conductivity of up to 200 W/mK. It's used in microwave and millimeter-wave applications that rely on increased performance and reliability. The AlN circuitry employs the company's enhanced circuits processing technology to provide 30 to 50 percent lower insertion loss than thin film.

Zentrix Technologies Inc.,
Oceanside, CA (760) 941-9811.

Circle No. 241


Pneumatic Crimper

This pneumatic crimp machine is designed to allow the greatest flexibility in hex crimping. Its versatile frame provides efficiency and reliability, and the closing speed and crimp pressure are adjustable. Equipped with a quick-change crimp frame, the bottom die just lifts out and the top die is held in with only one set screw. The closing ram is activated by an operator controlled foot pedal. Die closing can be interrupted any time by releasing the foot pedal giving the operator full cycle control. This allows the repositioning of the work.

Florida RS Technology,
Palm City, FL (772) 221-8188.

Circle No. 242


3D Planar Electromagnetic Analysis Software

Sonnet Suites 8.0 is designed for high frequency 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis. The main new feature in this release is the Sonnet ABS,™ or adaptive band synthesis. Sonnet ABS can synthesize the ultra-broadband frequency dense data based on EM analysis at only a few frequencies. It makes extensive use of information carefully extracted from the underlying EM analysis, including estimated circuit response zero locations. This information allows the adaptive synthesis of a sophisticated broadband mathematical model of the circuit. In addition Sonnet ABS exhibits exceptional dynamic range, with results reliably synthesized down to well below -100 dB with full accuracy.

Sonnet Software Inc.,
Liverpool, NY (877) 776-6638.

Circle No. 243

Advanced Wireless and RF Simulator

GoldenGate 3.1 advanced wireless and RF simulator features a 10 times overall performance improvement versus the previous version and other significant enhancements. The new features and capabilities make it one of the most robust and high performance simulation tools available for wireless and RF simulation. Faster simulation translates into shorter design and verification cycles to help engineers meet the time-to-market requirements of their complex mixed-signal chips.

Xpedion Design Systems Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 987-0603.

Circle No. 244


Precision TCXO

The model TC-350 low profile, surface-mount TCXO is available from 1 to 80 MHz. It can achieve an aging rate of < 5 ppm for 10 years with stabilities of ±0.5 ppm over 0° to 50°C to ±1.5 ppm over -55 to +85°C. There is a choice of 3.3 or 5.0 V DC supply voltage and either TTL or HCMOS outputs. Size: 0.90" x 0.70" x 0.15".

Vectron International,
Norwalk, CT (888) 328-7661.

Circle No. 245

MMIC Tripler

The model RMTR 13390 is a 13 to 39 GHz tripler designed for use in the local oscillator chain of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, LMDS communications systems and other millimeter-wave applications. The unit is a three-stage amplifier with the first stage acting as a harmonic generator followed by two amplification stages at three times the operating frequency. Its wide operating bandwidth accommodates a broad selection of applications. Conversion loss is 5 dBm (typ).

Raytheon RF Components Division,
Andover, MA (978) 684-5452.

Circle No. 232

Voltage Controlled Oscillator

The model V844ME02 voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) is designed for the demanding point-to-point radio market. This device will optimize the performance and quality of any point-to-point PLL by offering amazing linear tuning together with superior phase noise. The device covers 3430 to 3610 MHz within 0.5 to 4.5 V DC of control voltage while covering 180 MHz bandwidth with an average tuning sensitivity of 87 MHz/V. The V844ME02 further realizes unmatched spectral purity of -88 dBc/Hz (typ) at 10 kHz from the carrier. It offers 1.1:1 linearity over frequency and temperature and suppresses the second harmonic to better than -15 dBc. The VCO draws 18 mA from a 5 V DC supply and furnishes the end user with 2.25±1.25 dBm of output power into a 50 Ω load and is guaranteed to operate over the extended commercial temperature range of -40° to +85°C.

Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700.

Circle No. 246


Vector Modulator

This vector modulator is designed for cellular, PCS and W-CDMA feed forward amplifiers. The 3G product boasts higher performance than industry average while maintaining competitive pricing. The IP3 for the modulator is +42 dBm with 380° phase, 40 dB attenuation, 0.5 dB amplitude variation and 4.5 dB loss.

SV Microwave - Components Group,
West Palm Beach, FL (561) 840-1800.

Circle No. 249

Frequency Translator

The model M2004-01 frequency translator integrates a high performance PLL with VCSO SAW technology that provides ultra low jitter reference clocks that is a requirement for high speed SONET/SDH optical and transponder applications. The high Q SAW filter used to provide the low jitter performance is mounted off-chip within the package. The output frequency of the translator is factory set by installing a SAW filter of the desired frequency. The frequency translator is available at SONET/SDH and 10 GbE frequencies up to 700 MHz. The translator features two selectable reference clock inputs, serial or parallel programming of feedback and output frequency dividers, external loop filter elements, differential LVPECL outputs and 3.3 V operation. Serial or parallel programming of the PLL feedback divider and output divider allow operation with a wide range of input reference frequencies and the ability to divide the VCSO frequency by 1, 2, 4 or 8.

Micro Networks, an Integrated Circuit Systems company,
Worcester, MA (508) 852-5400.

Circle No. 247

Vector Modulators

The model number PS-360-AC, option 37, 7224, IQ, RH high speed analog controlled vector modulators operate from 3.5 to 6.5 GHz (other frequencies are available), the SWR is 2.0 (typ), the phase accuracy is ±15° with 12 dB (max) insertion loss. The attenuation range in 50 ns speed is 20 dB. These vector modulators can phase shift the signal between 0° to 360° and can attenuate up to 20 dB at the same time. Power supply of ±12 to 15 V at ±150 mA (max). Size: 3.25" x 3.25" x 0.85".

Planar Monolithics Industries,
Frederick, MD (301) 631-1579.

Circle No. 248


This state-of-the-art transceiver is designed for 38 GHz ultra high capacity point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio applications. The highly integrated TR assembly is designed for next generation radio platforms utilizing 4 to 256 QAM modulation and passing data rates through 622 Mbps. On the transmit side, the design provides for millimeter-wave upconversion and power amplification, including power attenuation and detection over a 45 dB dynamic range (35 dB closed loop). The receiver functionality includes millimeter-wave downconversion to first IF with receive signal level detection.

Signal Technology Corp. - Wireless Group, Beverly Operation,
Beverly, MA (978) 534-7469.

Circle No. 225


Test System

The model ME7842B tower mounted amplifier test system (TMATS) simplifies testing of multi-port TMAs by orchestrating final test measurements in under 30 seconds. TMATS can easily integrate into existing test executive environments in about a week. The flexibility of the ME7842B is in the test set design, which allows TMAs with 2 to 5 ports to be thoroughly tested with a single connection. The test set's design increases manufacturing efficiency and productivity compared to alternative TMA testing methods that require multiple test stations. For added flexibility, the company has designed TMATS with two auxiliary paths, so the system can accommodate custom measurements like adjacent channel power ratio as well as future requirements. The system covers the 10 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range, and handles a maximum TMA output power level of +20 dBm and has a typical dynamic range of 80 dB. It can provide an input power range to the TMA of 0 to -85 dBm, with typical port power accuracy of ±0.1 dB when using an optional power meter.

Anritsu Co.,
Morgan Hill, CA (800) 267-4878.

Circle No. 250

Ethernet-ready DMM/Data Acquisition System

The model 2701 Ethernet-ready DDM/data acquisition system is a multipoint measure- ment and control system that fully integrates instrument-quality 22-bit (6.5 digit) resolution and sensitivity with Ethernet long-distance networking. Precision instrumentation can now be distributed over long distances using a de facto standard communication bus. Users can devote fewer operators and fewer PCs per test station, while realizing higher productivity and lower costs. Ethernet is built into every PC, so the model 2701 is also ideal for single-unit applications, freeing users from relatively slow, hard-to-configure GPIB legacy systems and the need to purchase and install GPIB cards and software. In addition, higher measurement integrity helps prevent false failures that are very expensive to correct. Price: $1895.

Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH (800) 552-1115 or (440) 248-0400.

Circle No. 251