Wireless Components

This Web site offers components for wireless space, defense automotive, health and more. Products include Xinger® surface-mounts, RF power-brand resistive products, AdrenaLine™ splitter/combiners, ferrite parts and Amitron-brand precision ceramics. The site features full-line searches, S-parameters, specs, rep/distributor locator, on-line RFQ, literature and sample forms.

Anaren Microwave Inc., 6635 Kirkville Road, East Syracuse, NY 13057

Simulation Tools

This Web site provides insight into the company's 3D EM simulation tools, which can be applied to a wide range of applications from antennas to IC packaging. Products include CST Microwave Studio™ and CST Design Studio.™ The site also provides links for customer support, benchmarks and literature requests.

CST of America Inc., 8 Grove Street, Suite 203, Wellesley, MA 02482

DDS Synthesizers

This recently launched site is an easy reference site for engineers looking for high performance DDS modules and systems. Complete integrated synthesizers, hybrid components, and modular building block systems for wideband frequency performance up to 20 GHz are featured. Expertise includes: DDS, microwave, RF/IF, GHz speed digital, conventional digital, synthesizer circuitry, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and integrated communications.

ITT Industries, Microwave Systems, 59 Technology Drive, Lowell, MA 01851

Simplifying Sensing

This site features the company's design and development of Hall sensor integrated circuits. A wide range of magnetic sensor ICs is offered for applications such as position sensing, dented wheel position sensing, electronic motor speed regulation and antilock braking systems. Products such as interface ICs, integrated silicon pressure sensor chips, ASICs and contactless identification ICs are also offered.

Melexis Inc., 41 Locke Road, Concord, NH 03301

Custom Thin Film Circuits

This Web site is designed as a quick find site for custom thin film circuits. The focus includes applications in RF and microwave circuits, data converters, signal conditioners, amplifiers, networks, terminations and delay lines. The company also offers integrated resonators, double-sided patterning (with or without vias) and complex layouts.

Micrometrics Inc., 136 Harvey Road, Building C, Londonderry, NH 03053
www. thinfilmcircuits.com

Earth Station Equipment Products

This alternative Web site is designed as a quick find site for earth station equipment products. Products covered include synthesized converters with 1.0 and 125.0 kHz frequency step sizes. INMATSAT L- and C-band converters, pilot generators and receivers, crystal-controlled converters, video exciters, translators, switchover systems, amplifiers and equalizers.

MITEQ Inc., 100 Davids Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788

High Frequency Characterization Services and Model Products

This entirely new Web site features information about the company's high frequency characterization services and model products. On-line information is provided for accurate CAE models for RF/microwave surface-mount capacitors, inductors and resistors. Also outlined are custom characterization and modeling capabilities that include measurements of noise, S-parameters, load pull for power and linearity, DC and pulsed IV.

Modelithics Inc., 13101 Telecom Drive, Suite 105, Temple Terrace, FL 33617

RF and Microwave Amplifiers

This Web site features a small sample of RF and microwave amplifiers that the company has produced for various customers. Full color data, which includes S-parameter and noise figure plots is included for many of the amplifiers on the site. In addition, the current catalog is available in .pdf format. There is also a section that highlights a few of the company's new products.

Planar Electronics Technology Inc., 7311-G Grove Road, Frederick, MD 21704

Agile Precision Frequency Sources

This Web site provides complete technical specifications for the company's PTS frequency synthesizer line. With easy, fast ms switching, remote programming and resolution ranges from megahertz to microhertz the synthesizers are vital in advanced measurement or production systems and also serve as stand-alone test equipment.

Programmed Test Sources Inc. (PTS), 9 Beaver Brook Road, Littleton, MA 01460
www. programmedtest.com

RF Relay Store

This site is designed to provide answers to users' small quantity needs. Twelve standard building block RF coaxial relays are available for shipment from stock, including affordable high performance building blocks design enhanced for wireless telecommunications, 1P1T, 1P2T and 2P2T transfer configurations, surface-mount, SMA and N-type connectorized relays.

RelComm Technologies Inc., Salisbury, MD 21801

Isolators & Circulators

This Web site has been recently upgraded with a new product search engine and .pdf product specification sheets. Users' specific requirements will quickly translate into a part number and description, and from this a quote on price and delivery can be requested.

Renaissance Electronics Corp., Harvard, MA (978) 772-7774.

Wireless Components

This new Web site features an improved product search as well as updated company news and product highlights. Links to the 2002 Designer's Handbook, S-parameters, technical support, career opportunities and investor news are provided. The company manufactures components for wireless handsets, wireless infrastructure, wireless LAN, Bluetooth,™ GPS, optical communications markets and more. Custom designs are available.

RF Micro Devices Inc., 7628 Thorndike Road, Greensboro, NC 27409

Dual-band RFICs

This site features highly integrated chips that enable wireless LAN, cellular and fixed broadband applications. The products include highly linear and efficient single/dual-band power amplifiers, as well as the newly introduced WiFLEX™ single/dual-band WLAN and front end modules.

RF Solutions Inc., 3145 Avalon Ridge Place NW, Norcross, GA 30071

Cross-Reference Search Engine

This site features a new Web-based search engine that allows visitors to cross-reference thousands of RFIC/MMIC products from over 15 companies to hundreds of the company's standard products. The standard product line covers DC to 40 GHz and serves a wide range of wireless/wired communications and sensor markets, including: cellular/PCS/3G, broadband, microwave/ millimeter-wave, fiber-optic, space and military.

Hittite Microwave Corp., Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343.

Component Selection On-line

The company has launched the Temexpress service, aimed at giving designers and engineers the right product, at a competitive price, when they need it. It focuses on low cost and high volume components. The ranges covered are: crystal products, trimmer capacitors and tuning elements, laboratory and demo capacitor kits, and drop-in circulators and isolators. The data sheets for these products can be viewed on the site, a selection made and a quote obtained.

Temex Components, 5 rue Carle Vernet, 92315 Sevres Cedex, France

Wire, Cables, RF/microwave Connectors and Cable Assemblies

This Web site features the company's high performance wire and cables, RF/microwave connectors and cable assemblies. The products are targeted at applications in the aerospace, defense electronics, wireless infrastructure, optical telecommunications, and test and measurement industries.

Tensolite, 100 Tensolite Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32092

Wireless, Space and Defense Components and Subsystems

This company's Web site now offers two new features. The "Custom Request for Quote" allows quick and easy customization of specifications to exact requirements and the "Specification Overview," found on the product type results page, offers a one-page view of primary product specifications for each product type.

TRAK Communications Inc., 4902 Eisenhower Blvd., Suite 155, Tampa, FL 33634

Chip Resistors, Surface-mount Networks and Custom Circuits

This site features the company's broad range of high reliability thin- and thick-film chip resistors, surface-mount networks and custom circuits. All products are manufactured in the company's Pennsylvania facility and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

State of the Art Inc., 2470 Fox Hill Road, State College, PA 16803