Workshops & Courses

Advanced Design Seminars
Topics: The company's new spectral-domain system simulator, SPECTRASYS, is presented. Focus will be on practical implementations of systems using SPECTRASYS to detect signal peak paths, conducted emissions, adjacent channel distortion and channel power measurements.
Site: Washington, DC
Date: May 30, 2002
Contact: Eagleware Corp., 635 Pinnacle Court, Norcross, GA 30071 (678) 291-0995.

Microwave Antenna Measurements: Far-Field, Near-Field, Compact Ranges and Anechoic Chambers
Topics: Design, use and evaluation of anechoic chambers, far-field, near-field and compact ranges, techniques for the determination of antenna radiation patterns, directivity, gain, polarization and impedance, phase array testing and alignment, radar cross-section measurements and radar imaging techniques.
Site: Northridge, CA
Dates: June 11-14, 2002
Contact: Shirley Lang (818) 677-2146, fax (818) 677-5982.

Network Analysis Measurements
Topics: Network analysis principles, S-parameters, architecture of vector network analyzers, operation, calibration techniques and time domain techniques.
Site: Winnersh, UK
Dates: June 18-19, 2002
Contact: Tracey Bull +44 118 9276741, fax +44 118 9276862.

Advanced Technology Workshop on Passive Integration
Topics: Design, simulation and libraries, material systems, fabrication of passive elements in component platforms, capacitors, connectors, diodes, flex circuits, ferrites, inductors, resistors, thermistors and varistors.
Site: Oqunquit, ME
Dates: June 19-21, 2002
Contact: Robert Hestand, AVX Corp. (843) 444-2886.

RF and Wireless Made Simple
Topics: Provides non-technical professionals with a firm grounding in the language and meaning of technical RF and wireless concepts. It also conveys a conceptual understanding of wireless system operation.
Site: Boston, MA
Dates: June 24-26, 2002
Contact: Besser Associates, 201 San Antonio Circle, Building E, Suite 280, Mountain View, CA 94040 (650) 949-3300.

IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth Wireless Operation
Topics: Covers the fundamentals of the Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11 short-range wireless network design and deployment. Short-range and indoor propagation characteristics, connectivity options and design techniques to enable these wireless systems to perform properly.
Site: Boston, MA
Dates: June 26-28, 2002
Contact: Besser Associates, 201 San Antonio Circle, Building E, Suite 280, Mountain View, CA 94040 (650) 949-3300.

RF & Microwave Fundamentals
Topics: Understand the principles of RF/microwave engineering, undertake RF measurements using power meters, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers. Introduction to noise figure and phase noise is also included.
Site: Winnersh, UK
Dates: July 2-5, 2002
Contact: Tracey Bull +44 118 9276741, fax +44 118 9276862 or e-mail:

Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Practices
Topics: Recent updates with respect to the fast changing electronics industry. Starts with fundamentals of electromagnetic compatibility and then focuses on the methodology of how to minimize EMC problems.
Site: Northbrook, IL
Dates: July 18-19, 2002
Contact: Donald L. Sweeney, DLS Electronic Systems Inc. (847) 537-6400 or visit