Following on the success of the LoRa product portfolio, IMST GmbH presents the new LoRaWAN® certified WM-Bus Range Extender to collect Wireless M-Bus messages from utility meters and fowrard them to a LoRaWAN® network.

“The LoRa® modulation is a perfect mean to increase the range of wireless communication systems. The new WM-Bus Range Extender combines two modulation technics and communication protocol stacks in one single device.” said Heinz Syrzisko, head of the Wireless Solutions department at IMST. “The integrated memory and the ultra-low power mode provided by the new iM881A-XL radio module ensure a long battery life of up to 10 years and more.”

This product allows filtering Wireless M-Bus messages by manufacturer ID and sender address to select specific groups of meters. The intelligent calender enables a flexible configuration of events and repetition interval (minutes, hours, days, weeks…). Even large WM-Bus messages can be forwarded with LoRaWAN® radio packets by means of an integrated segmentation and reassembly protocol.