As design engineers create smaller and more powerful electronics, they must place sensitive components closer together, which can increase to damaging levels the force placed on these components. A new fabric-over-foam gasket from Laird Performance Materials features a soft silicone foam core with a low compression force that suppresses electromagnetic interference without damaging sensitive components. The EcoTemp Series FoF 619 gasket also withstands temperatures up to 125°C, giving design engineers a soft gasket solution for high temperature applications. 
“We see an increasing need for soft materials that can stack up next to sensitive components in our work across industries including automotive, consumer electronics, medical equipment, telecom and datacom,” said Kevin Hsu, a product manager at Laird. “Design engineers need gaskets that not only play a vital structural role but also reliably mitigate noise interference—all without damaging sensitive electronics packed closely together. By addressing these needs, our EcoTemp Series FoF 619 gasket offers engineers valuable flexibility in their designs.”
An expansion of Laird’s EcoTemp Series of fabric-over-foam gaskets, the 619 product is made of metallized fabric surrounding a soft foam core. It offers compression set values of less than 15 percent at its maximum operating temperature. The gasket comes in seven different thickness options between 1 mm and 6.5 mm, and Laird can manufacture it in square and rectangular cross-sectional profiles.
“This product represents Laird’s latest effort to meet design engineers’ evolving and increasingly complex challenges,” Hsu said. “We are confident it will help designers improve the performance and reliability of their products.”
The gasket can be supplied with either non-conductive or electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive to accommodate a wide range of applications. It is available through Laird directly, manufacturer representatives or the global distributor network.