IZT GmbH has introduced its new signal generators IZT S1000 and IZT S1010 that combine 31 virtual signal generators in a platform for testing radio receivers, including DAB and HD radio receivers, and for creating complex mixed signal RF scenarios. The signal generator platform combines the functions of multiple conventional RF generators in one compact, flexible RF test source with support of most radio broadcast standards – FM-RDS, DVB-T2, ISDBT, HD radio, CDR, DAB+, DMB, Sirius and XM.

The IZT S1010 consists of the IZT S1000 Memory Extension with the IZT S1000 and allows extensive streaming options. It enables to run the DAB/DRM ContentServer in the same unit and live broadcasting tests can be performed.

The IZT S1000/IZT S1010 digital multi-channel signal generator is the perfect source of today’s RF waveforms with increasing complexity and bandwidth. They comprise in one unit the simultaneous replaying of 31 RF signal channels and allow to replace extensive setups while reducing time and cost. It enables the user to consolidate multiple conventional RF generators into one compact, cost effective, flexible, and easy-to-use RF test source.

Modern radio receivers no longer gather information from a single modulated carrier, but often from multiple sources simultaneously. The multiple signals can be derived from more than one antenna, with independent carriers and different modulation formats. The IZT S1000 with its revolutionary architecture and IZT’s patented signal processing algorithm combines multiple technologies to match the receiver’s test requirements without a costly batch of standard RF generators.

The IZT S1000/IZT S1010 is used as a signal generator for RF recordings. IZT’s innovative high-performance record and replay system for high-quality RF signals saves costs for field-testing, enables repeatable lab tests, fidelity in reproducing real RF environment and shorter time-to-market for products.

The IZT Record and Replay System (IZT RecPlay) is the ideal platform for RF receiver design validation of analog and digital radio, broadcast standards, telecommunication systems, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), development of automotive car infotainment systems and chipsets.