CommAgility has a new reference platform for LTE mobile device or user equipment (UE), enhanced its existing LTE eNodeB platform and released a new graphical LTE Management Tool. The reference platforms provide an integrated, fully tested solution combining CommAgility processing hardware and 3GPP LTE software, delivering a low-cost starting point for system development and deployment useful for 4G/5G researchers, product developers and LTE network engineers. The new platforms help build LTE solutions, particularly private and custom networks, reducing the time to market and lowering development cost. To support system deployment, CommAgility can provide fully customized hardware and software for the particular LTE or 5G application.

As an example, LTE is well-suited to SATCOM, with low-cost equipment available due to economies of scale, mission-critical traffic handling and the end-to-end security built into the 3GPP specifications. 5G satellite applications are already being studied while the standard is evolving, with requirements such as delivery optimization and high availability being considered. However, developers creating satellite communications systems must extend beyond the LTE standard or early 5G specifications, which requires flexible hardware and expertise with the physical layer (PHY) and protocol stack, for which these new platforms are ideal.

CommAgility’s industry-leading LTE PHY and stack software is provided in binary format, including the recently-announced 3GPP Release 15 version of the SmallCellSTACK protocol stack. The LTE Management Tool provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface, which enables straightforward system evaluation, configuration and monitoring. The CA-D8A4-RF4 UE reference platform provides a high performance LTE UE with up to 300 Mbps download and four integrated transceiver channels supporting any frequency between 410 MHz and 6 GHz. The platform’s software-defined ability to alternatively function as an LTE eNodeB or UE with different software and firmware loads highlights its flexibility.

CommAgility, A Wireless Telecom Group Company
Loughborough, U.K.