Mercury Systems has been selected by Raytheon to provide signal processing and RF solutions for the Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) program, the U.S. Army’s next-generation missile defense radar. A new radar, LTAMDS will ultimately replace the Army’s Patriot radars.

LTAMDS expands battlespace coverage to protect soldiers from advanced air and missile threats. It is being designed to help the Army prevail when confronted by a “tyranny of distance” — like the Pacific theater, where the vast expanse of ocean complicates communications and situational understanding.

LTAMDS will be compatible with the Army’s existing architecture, operating on the Integrated Air and Missile Defense network. The radar will draw from a portfolio of combat-proven, modular, open system capabilities that are scalable and configurable.

Doug Burgess, Raytheon’s LTAMDS program director, said, “Mercury has a strong understanding of where we are heading from a technological perspective, which enables them to collaborate with us for innovative solutions for this key program.”

“Since 2009, Mercury has been a strategic supplier for Patriot, and we continue to deliver best-of-breed technologies and rapid deployment services that improve nearly every aspect of the system,” said Didier Thibaud, Mercury’s executive VP and COO.

Mercury’s radar signal processing subsystems are designed, made and supported from trusted DMEA facilities.