New Products


Digital Attenuator

The model AA113-310 IC six-bit digital attenuator features a driver with low loss, high atten- uation accuracy, and single positive voltage control per bit. The high performance and low frequency of the attenuator make is well suited for IF gain control circuits in basestations, as well as for wireless data, broadband and wireless local loop applications. Featuring 0.5 dB LSB, this model has 31.5 dB total attenuation for large power range control. It has insertion loss of only 1.5 dB, which is superior to other comparable digital attenuators on the market. The AA113-310 IC covers the DC to 1.5 GHz frequency range, making it ideal for IF circuits. The attenuator also features single positive control for each of the six bits, eliminating the need for negative voltage and simplifying drive circuitry. Size: 5 x 5 mm. Price: $8.35. Delivery: 10 weeks (ARO).

Alpha Industries, Haverhill, MA (978) 241-7700.

Circle No. 216

Ultra-low SWR Termination

This low SWR termination is ideally suited for high performance applications, such as filters and amplifiers requiring excellent performance within a specified communication frequency band. This 150 W component operates over the DC to 2.3 GHz frequency range with 1.06 in SWR at 2 GHz, 1.10 at 2.3 GHz and power handling is 150 W.

Anaren Microwave Inc., East Syracuse, NY (315) 432-8909.

Circle No. 217

Asymmetrical Filter Bank

This bank of three filters utilizes a non-symmetrical skirt selectivity response to minimize size and costs while maximizing specialized custom requirements. The bank covers the 950 to 3150 MHz range in three bands each just under one octave. This type of coverage is ideal for switching filter requirements. Passband flatness is less than 1 dBc, insertion loss at band edge range from less than 1.5 dBa in the lower bands and 2.5 dBa at the higher bands. Upper skirt selectivities are optimized for 50 dBc (min) at 1.08 times the upper passband. Lower skirts are not critical in this application allowing the filters to be optimized for size and costs. Size: 1.86" x 0.42" x 0.30".

Bree Engineering, San Marcos, CA (760) 510-4950.

Circle No. 219

PIM Electromechanical Switch

The model H6N-742109 is a SP6T latching switch with indicator circuitry operating from DC to 26.5 GHz. The low IM switch features a -130 dBc (min) third-order IM and -160 dBc (min) fifth-order IM. Special materials allow for a superior RF performance and outstanding switching characteristics across the band. The low IM specifications are available with all CEI switches. Delivery: stock to two weeks.

Charter Engineering Inc., Largo, FL (727) 549-8999.

Circle No. 220

Microwave Frequency Relay

The MW6 microwave frequency relay offers 6 GHz capabilities and is an excellent choice for precision test equipment, communication systems and other high frequency applications. The relay has excellent signal isolation at 6 GHz of 18 dB, stable 0.28 insertion loss and low SWR of 1.3. The MW6 provides a compact design solution with a PCB footprint of 0.108 square-inches and 0.280" maximum height. Popular coil input voltages of 5, 12, 18 and 26.5 V DC are available. Price: $50 to $60 each in volume quantities.

CII Technologies Inc., Asheville, NC (828) 628-1892.

Circle No. 221

Cavity Filter

The model 5C50-7100/8500/T100-O/O high performance cavity filter is specifically designed for the point-to-point radio market. At 1.5 dB, the insertion loss is very low for a filter of its size. The 3 dB relative bandwidth of this product is 100 MHz (min) with 40 dB of attenuation at center frequency ±161 MHz. This filter can be ordered with customer specified center frequency between 7100 and 8500 MHz. Price: $89.

K&L Microwave, Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.

Circle No. 222

Hybrid Coupler

The model CA-44N hybrid coupler has exceptional 30 dB isolation, making it suitable for combining any two signals over the frequency band from 800 to 2200 MHz. It has been designed to meet the special needs of the wireless market and is most commonly used to combine two wireless carriers up to 200 W, to a single antenna feed or distribution cable. This requires the termination of one output port in 50 W and results in a 3 dB loss in each signal. In situations where two similar feeds are required, such as in an in-building application, both outputs may be used eliminating the 3 dB loss and the need for a termination. Special attention has been directed to maximize isolation and minimize passive intermodulation. Mechanically units are moisture sealed for outside applications, and have hex-style N connectors, spaced to allow controlled wrench tightening.

Microlab/FXR, Livingston, NJ (973) 992-7700.

Circle No. 224

Broadband Mixer

The model SYM-25H level 17 (LO) SYM-25H surface-mount frequency mixer targets PCN, ISM and cellular applications within 10 to 2400 MHz. Typically at center band, the mixer exhibits high 25 dBm IP3, low 6.1 dB conversion loss, and high 40 dB L-R and L-I isolation. Ruggedly constructed in a low cost plastic package and covered by a five-year Ultra-Rel" guarantee. Price: $21.95 (1 to 9).

Mini-Circuits, Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.

Circle No. 226

Common-mode Mixer

The model CMA-0044 common-mode mixer converts fundamental and harmonic inputs from 1 MHz to 40 GHz to a 20 to 44 GHz output. Zero dBm inputs are converted to a typical output level of +2 dBm with a typical fundamental isolation of over 20 dB. Designed for fiber-optic clock recovery/acquisition applications, the CMA-0044 is a unique common-mode (shared RF inputs) mixer-doubler design available in a housing with 2.92 mm connectors. The supply requirements are +5 V at 300 mA and -5 V at 10 mA.

Marki Microwave Inc., Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4200.

Circle No. 223

Diplexer for Ku-band Applications

The model 14510 diplexer provides the simultaneous transmission and reception in Ku-band applications. The unit passes the full 500 MHz uplink and downlink bands, 14.0 to 14.5 GHz and 11.7 to 12.2 GHz, respectively. The diplexer offers less than 0.5 dB insertion loss and greater than 16 dB return loss across the full 500 MHz operating bands, with a mutual isolation greater than 85 dB. For special applications, the unit can be configured with optional connector types, flange orientations and partial or channelized frequency scenarios.

Microwave Filter Company Inc., East Syracuse, NY (800) 448-1666.

Circle No. 225

Blind Mate Connector Series

The QBCª Series is a uniquely designed blind mate interface system, which mates with industry standard SMA, SMB, SMC, Type N, Type F, BNC and TNC connectors. The series enables an overall lower cost and ease-of-use solution for blind mate applications. The QBC system provides a minimum of 0.025 radial misalignments and 0.060 axial displacements. Achieving multiple and repeatable error-free engagements, while maintaining low insertion loss and SWR. The series offers two mounting styles and is available in 50 and 75 W interfaces.

Tensolite, St. Augustine, FL (800) 458-9960, ext. 225.

Circle No. 229

Hermetic Micro D Connector

This micro D connector is designed for high reliability and low cost. It is based on the same principles contained in our patented "aluminum com-- patible" feedthru design. This design allows matching of connector CTE to customer's housing material, thereby providing reliable service in severe temperature environments. This unique design reduces the cost of manufacturing as it avoids the use of expensive, long-lead materials and allows the use of conventional manufacturing processes. These connectors are available in both weldable and solderable configurations and are manufactured to the interface specifications of MIL-PRF-83513.

Special Hermetic Products Inc., Wilton, NH (603) 654-2002.

Circle No. 227

Thin Film Chip Resistors

The series 0402 thin film chip resistors provide extremely low return loss in frequency ranges to 16 GHz, making them highly effective in critical RF and microwave applications. These compact, lightweight resistors are designed specifically for use in microwave and RF applications. They are characterized for optimum SWR, which makes these devices ideal for use in circuitry requiring superior microwave and RF performance. Size: 0.040" x 0.025". Price: $1. Delivery: 12 to 14 weeks (ARO).

State of the Art Inc., State College, PA (800) 458-3401.

Circle No. 228

7/16 Male Plug

This 7/16 male plug is designed for 0.141" and 0.250" semi-rigid cable, which has a one piece center contact that is easy to assemble and conforms to DIN 47223. The plug has a soldered outer jacket to simplify assembly and features less than -155 dBc intermodulation. Providing dielectric withstanding voltage of 4000 V rms and 50W impedance, this 7/16 connector is designed for DC to 6 GHz operation at -65° to +165°C. The plug is easy to assemble by pushing the semi-rigid cable through the back of the connector and then soldering the center conductor, away from the body for easy access without heat. Price: $8.90.

Tru-Connector Corp., Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878.

Circle No. 230


3.4-3.6 GHz/5 W HPA for WLL

The model BBM3436HJ was designed for wireless Internet access applications using 16 QAM modulation, also suitable for any linear and digital modulation applications in the new WLL frequency range. This amplifier utilizes linear GaAsFET power devices that provide excellent linearity, low distortion, high gain and wide dynamic range.

Empower RF Systems Inc., Culver City, CA (310) 338-9931.

Circle No. 231

0.8-2.5 GHz 150 W HPA

The model 5102 small lightweight high power solid-state amplifier offers a minimum linear power of 120 W across 800 to 2500 MHz. Applications include multi-band PIM testing, device testing and TWTA replacement.

Ophir RF, Los Angeles, CA (310) 306-5556.

Circle No. 232


Advanced Antenna for Radiated EMC Testing

The Radiant Arrow 80ª improved log periodic antenna covers the 80 MHz to 5 GHz frequen- cy band, and offers broader bandwidth with greater power handling and a smaller size than existing log periodics. Designed for EMC testing, the antenna can also be calibrated for emissions. It provides a solution for applications requiring a directive antenna to illuminate large test objects at high field levels, without resorting to "bat-wing" E-field corrupted log periodics. An extremely efficient producer, the Arrow accepts up to 3000 W input and offers minimum gain of 5.0 dB. Its beamwidth is long enough for large test objects and its small size makes it portable and easy to move. For emissions testing, the Arrow is mechanically strong and provides uniform and stable antenna factors in a small package. Size: 43" x 6" x 36".

Amplifier Research, Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181.

Circle No. 234

RF Mirror PCS Handset Antenna

An RF mirror is the physical realization of an ideal material with unique electromagnetic properties that can be used to significantly improve antenna and RF system performance. Manufactured using standard printed circuit board processes and materials, RF mirrors enable realization of very thin antennas that are highly isolated from nearby objects. Potential benefits include increased antenna efficiency, wider bandwidth vs. size than conventional antennas and inherently low SWR. The antenna operates over the 1850 to 1990 MHz frequency range. Size: 50 x 25 x 3 mm. Weight: 3 grams.

e-tenna Corp., Laurel, MD (240) 456-4100.

Circle No. 235


Analog-to-Digital Converters

The model AD9433 and AD9235 analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) break speed barriers, enabling immediate frequency (IF) sampling for simpler, lower cost and more reliable design of broadband, wireless and other advanced digital communications applications. The AD9433 is a 12-bit ADC, with a sampling rate of 125 mega samples per second (MSPS), which is capable of IF sampling input frequencies as high as 350 MHz. An IF sampling radio architecture eliminates an analog downconversion step, thus simplifying design, reducing system cost and improving the reliability of the radio front-end. The AD9235 is a 12-bit 65 MSPS ADC that uses a 3 V (2.7 to 3.6 V) supply for IF sampling up to 100 MHz in small or portable applications, such as pico-cell cellular basestations. Both models operate over the -40° to +85°C temperature range.

Analog Devices Inc., Wilmington, MA (800) 262-5643.

Circle No. 236

32 Channel, High Voltage Amplifier IC

The model MA32 precision 32-channel, high voltage IC is a monolithic solution housed in a 240-pin quad flat pack. With a footprint measuring less than 1.5" square, the IC drastically reduces the board space requirements in switching circuitry that can include more than 1000 3D mirror arrays requiring two amplifier drivers per channel per mirror. The MA32 features high voltage operation up to 300 V and output voltage up to 290 V per channel. It also addresses a key requirement for extremely low quiescent current with less than 100 mA per channel. This IC is designed for independent channel operation using the output of a digital to analog converter to drive each input. The gain for each driver is internally set for 50 V/V.

Apex Microtechnology Corp., Tucson, AZ (520) 690-8600.

Circle No. 237

Bluetooth Application Processor

The model BIC2101 Bluetooth™ Application Processor is a highly integrated chip-and-software platform designed for both host-based systems that includes a programmable RF interface, complete Bluetooth protocol software with a developer-friendly API and adjustable performance characteristics. The BIC2101 facilitates a wide range of home and office applications, including print management, peripheral interaction, handwriting recognition, digital still transfer and modem, mobile and voice communications. The processor's USB, serial and PCM interfaces also allow manufacturers to seamlessly add wireless capabilities to existing devices.

BrightCom Technologies Ltd., Carlsbad, CA (760) 918-5775.

Circle No. 238

Global Positioning System RF Front-end

By utilizing many innovative and leading edge RF CMOS design techniques, this high perfor- mance state-of- the-art device consumes very little power and eliminates the need for costly SAW and bulky discrete IF filters. It incorporates a fully integrated LNA front-end, IF section, digital sampler and local oscillator synthesizer. The intended input signal is the L1 GPS signal at 1.57542 GHz. This device has a wide operational voltage range of 2.3 to 3.6 V and is offered in a compact 48 pin TQFP package. The operational temperature range is specified from -40° to +85°C. The power consumption of this device is typically less than 0.04 W at 2.7 V.

Valence Semiconductor, Irvine, CA (949) 428-4229.

Circle No. 239


Frequency Synthesizers

The DFSL series of dual output, rugged frequency synthesizers offer ultra low microphonics and improved phase noise at least 10 dBc lower than previous models. Designed for high capacity MW and MMW radios up to 38 GHz, this series offers lower phase noise and guaranteed zero phase hits. Low phase noise meets 16, 32, 128 and 256 QAM requirements making the synthesizers suitable for high speed data transmissions. The series has a tuning bandwidth up to 1000 MHz and step sizes ranging from 25 KHz to 10 MHz, DC power consumption for the synthesizers is under 4 W and offers a wide operating temperature between -35 to 70°C. Additional applications include wireless ATM networks and SATCOM converters.

Elcom Technologies Inc., Rockleigh, NJ (201) 767-8030.

Circle No. 240

Laser Drivers

These two 2.5 Gbps laser drivers have a D-FF built-in and the re-timing and bypass mode are selectable. Both are ECL compatible, have duty rate adjustment and output shutdown switch. The model FMM3174VI is a modulator integrated laser driver and the model FMM3175VI is a direct modulated laser driver. Both units are housed in a small size 16-pin package.

Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 232-9500.

Circle No. 241

Digitally Tuned Oscillator

The model D6218 digitally tuned oscillator operates over a frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz. It offers exceptional characteristics that include frequency settling to typically better than ±1 MHz within 1 msec and an accuracy of ±0.5 MHz at 25°C. RF power output is +10 dBm (min), with a variation of less than ±2.5 dB, including the effects of frequency response and temperature. The phase noise at 100 kHz offset is less than -65 dBc and residual FM at -3 dBc is 150 kHz P-P max. The model D6218 will operate over a temperature range of 0° to +70°C. The DTO utilizes a modular configuration, which yields cost-effective designs for narrow band applications while providing future expansion capability. Size: 6.48" x 6.23" x 2.00".

General Microwave, a Herley company, Farmingdale, NY (631) 630-2000.

Circle No. 242

VCO for SDH Microwave Radio Systems

The model CLV1015E is designed for demanding SDH microwave radio systems. This device utilizes patented design techniques to deliver unequalled SSB phase noise performance in an inexpensive and compact SMT package. The VCO generates frequencies between 995 to 1032 MHz within 0.6 to 5.0 V DC of control voltage and tunes the 37 MHz bandwidth with an average sensitivity of 16 MHz/V. Exhibiting a clean spectral signal of -112 dBc/Hz (typ) at 10 kHz from the carrier, this device also saves energy by operating from a 4.5 V DC supply and drawing only 10 mA. The CLV1015E delivers the end user -0.5±3.5 dBm into a 50 W load and is designed to operate over the extended commercial temperature range of -5° to +85°C.

Z-Communications Inc., San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700.

Circle No. 244


The model CD-700 ultra-small VCXO based phase-locked loop (PLL) solution is designed to simplify a wide variety of clock recovery and data retiming, frequency translation, clock smoothing and clock switching applications. It features a phase-locked loop ASIC with a quartz stabilized VCXO for superior stability and jitter performance. The new product offers a flexible solution that reduces design time, increases circuit reliability and reduces board space. The input data rates range from 8 kbps to 65 Mbps and the output has a tri-state option. In addition, the supply voltage can be either 3.3 or 5 V. The device is hermetically sealed in a ceramic SMD package. The small size, versatile functionality and high performance of the CD-700 make it ideal for various applications in DWDM, switching, wireless basestation, ATM, SONET/SDH, xDSL, network communication, digital audio/video and PBX systems. Size: 5.0 x 7.5 x 2.0 mm.

Vectron International, Norwalk, CT (888) 328-7661.

Circle No. 243



The model CS-5106C tuner is a cost-effective, high performance solution for receiving signals in millimeter-wave bands. This tuner uniquely features plug-in front-end assemblies that allow the user to externally remove and replace front-end modules in the field. Modules are available for any 3 or 6 GHz segment in the 18 to 40 GHz frequency range. The CS-5106C features a tuning resolution of 10 kHz with IF outputs at either 140 MHz or 70 MHz center frequency. A FM demodulated video output is available if desired.

Communication Solutions, White Marsh, MD (410) 344-9000.

Circle No. 245


Ka-band Frequency Converter

The Ka-band converter is specifically designed for Gateway or high data rate terminals. Reliability, monitoring and redundancy are key to the design. The converter has the low phase noise and spurious performance required for larger terminals. The rugged construction assures performance in any weather conditions. A remote rack mount controller is also available. A 30 GHz upconverter and 20 GHz downconverter are provided in a single enclosure. The converter also offers a RS-422 remote interface.

Millitech LLC, Northampton, MA (413) 582-9620.

Circle No. 247


Multi-purpose RF Life-test System

The QubePak® module is ideal as a multi-purpose RF life-test system and for a variety of other tasks in production or testing environments. The module can control the temperature of either a single or multiple devices under test (DUT) and applies individually programmable DC, pulse DC and AC voltage stimulus to each DUT. QubePak also provides real-time, continuous measurement for monitoring DUT voltages, currents, signals and RF input, reflected and output power levels. DUT fixturing, mounted to the thermal head on the face of the QubePak, provides thermal and electrical connection for virtually any device package, including bare die, MCM, PGA, MMIC and substrate.

ThetaDelta Technologies, Lawrence, MA (978) 689-0136.

Circle No. 249