Non-Line-of-Sight Radar

Brian Watson and Joseph R. Guerci

Non-Line-of-Sight Radar

Non-Line-of-Sight Radar is the first book on the new and exciting area of detecting and tracking targets via radar multipath without direct-line-of-sight (DLOS). This revolutionary capability is finding new applications in the tracking of objects in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) urban environments including detection and tracking of UAVs. This book brings together for the first time all the essential underpinnings and techniques required to develop and field a viable NLOS radar. It presents many examples, including electromagnetic (EM) radiation propagation in urban NLOS environments, extracting building location and morphology from readily available terrain databases, predictive ray-tracing techniques and multi-target NLOS tracking.

Readers will learn how to apply radar to urban tracking that was previously deemed impossible. The book shows how real-time physics calculations can be incorporated into the radar processor, and how existing radar hardware can be adopted for NLOS radar use without major upgrades. Including results from both high fidelity, physics-based simulations and actual flight test data, this book establishes the efficacy of NLOS radar in practical applications.

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ISBN: 978-1-63081-531-8
225 pages


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