The IZT R5010 is a wide-band receiver with a frequency range up to 6 GHz, up to 120 MHz instantaneous bandwidth and powerful internal signal processing. Typical applications are COMINT Systems, satellite monitoring, wide-band RF recorders or quality measurements in mobile communication networks.

The IZT R5010 uses IZT’s latest generation of tuners and builds on the sophisticated receiver series IZT R3000 and IZT R4000. Accordingly, a lot of familiar features of the previous receiver series such as the synchronization of internal clocks to an external source or a built-in GNSS receiver are possible.

IZT R5010 uses latest FPGA technology for signal processing. The receiver offers an instantaneous bandwidth of 60 MHz. Various software options increase the available bandwidth to 80 or 120 MHz.

The IZT R5010’s flexible job control allows the user to define complex scan scenarios that will be executed by the receiver. Accurate time stamps allow to calculate the reception time of each sample down to sub-nanosecond accuracy. The output data is provided via UDP/IP as complex I/Q data with embedded metadata. This output enables using the receivers with IZT Signal Suite or integrating the receivers in larger systems with their own software solutions.

Not all use-cases require or even support the continuous streaming of the large bandwidth. Therefore, the IZT R5010 can be equipped with an optional internal RAM buffer.