Norsat announced the launch of a family of products and solutions to address interference issues for the forthcoming introduction of 5G within the C-band spectrum.

Norsat’s 5G interference product family includes:

  • 3200-BPF – This family of C-band phase-locked loop (PLL) LNBs can mitigate 5G signals up to -20 dBm with no performance degradation. This high-performance LNB can be used in conjunction with our BPF-C filters for greater rejection.
  • BPF-C Band Pass Filter comes in a variety of frequency ranges with variable rejection offerings.
  • Custom LNB and Filters – As every installation is unique depending on the antenna position relative to the 5G source, Norsat can also provide custom variants of these products to meet special requirements.
  • Solutions – Norsat offers consulting services to provide complete solutions for existing networks experiencing 5G issues.

This new series of products is ideally suited for existing installations or new installations needing to mitigate interference with the onset of 5G.

“We are excited to bring these new products and solutions to market to address the increasing issue of 5G interference on C-band ground terminals. Norsat is a pioneer in the satellite industry and has been working through interference issues on satellite terminals for years. We are pleased to be part of the coordination effort to ensure a smooth transition of 5G into the C-band spectrum,” stated Dr. Amiee Chan, President and CEO of Norsat.

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