* Product Catalog

This catalog "Kyocera 2001 Electronic Components," features Kyocera electronic components, offering valuable information on the company's latest products. AVX sells a wide range of passive components manufactured by Kyocera in Japan, including resistors, timing devices, filters, acoustic generators and capacitors.

AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC (843) 946-0414.

Circle No. 200

* Product Catalog

This 185-page catalog incorporates the company's entire line of products, highlighting its newest technologies including the DatennaTM Family, the PCS/DCS dB Director® series, the DB840 series of dB Director log periodic antennas, and the TMA line for PCS, cellular and trunking.

Decibel Products,
an Allen Telecom company,
Dallas, TX (800) 676-5342.

Circle No. 201

* Digital Comm Textbook

The latest publication of Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications by Dr. Bernard Sklar will include the student edition of Elanix Inc.'s system design and simulation software product, SystemView. The student edition of SystemView is a special version of the sophisticated software tool used by leading electronics manufacturers worldwide.

Elanix Inc.,
Westlake Village, CA (818) 597-1414.

Circle No. 202

* Product Brochure

This 104-page full-color brochure, Power Factor Correction Product Profile 2001, has been published in response to market demand for enhanced power quality and the corresponding advantages of power factor correction (PFC). The profile provides a wide range of PFC information about fundamentals and applications.

EPCOS Inc., Iselin, NJ (800) 888-7729.

Circle No. 203

* MMIC Product Selection Guide

This 11-page guide features cellular basestation, portable wireless, MMDS radio, WirelessLAN and Bluetooth, wireless local loop, UNII and HiperLAN, switch and switch matrix, and LMDS and microwave radio products. Product descriptions, specifications and ordering information are provided.

HittiteMicrowave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343.

Circle No. 204

* Reference Guide

This 72-page reference guide, the RF Datamate, references commonly used RF data. Among the topics covered are modulation, methods of measuring phase noise, intermodulation, receiver measurements, SINAD, RF mixers, splitters and combiners, transmission lines, power measurement uncertainties, substrate information and RF level conversion.

IFR Systems Inc.,
Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352.

Circle No. 205

* Fact Sheet

This four page brochure features the company's PRISM® wireless products business unit. Its flagship product, the WLAN chip set, is widely recognized as the world's leading silicon solution for wireless networking systems. A company overview, product list, photographs and contact information are provided.

Intersil Corp., Irvine, CA (888) 468-3774.

Circle No. 206

* Components Catalog

This 184-page catalog features thousands of ICs and other electronic components, tools, test equipment and computer products ideal for OEM and MRO applications. More than 450 new products have been added and the selection of brand name products has been

Jameco Electronics,
Belmont, CA (800) 831-4242.

Circle No. 207

* Master Sourcebook

This 300-page sourcebook contains products from leading manufacturers, including many items that are new to the industry. The catalog includes tool kits, test equipment, computer and LAN testers, wire and cable, telecom tools, hand, power and specialty tools, soldering equipment, lighting and optical products.

Jensen Tools Inc.,
Phoenix, AZ (800) 426-1194
or (602) 453-3169.

Circle No. 208

* Electronic Designer's Guide

This guide was developed for systems designers and engineers to ensure proper circuit protection in various electronic devices. The Electronic Designer's Guide features the company's latest circuit protection products, such as SCR/diode arrays/Surgetector™ suppressors, surface-mount varistors, and industrial and radial metal oxide varistors.

Littelfuse Inc.,
Des Plaines, IL (847) 824-1188.

Circle No. 209

* Space Capabilities Brochure

This two-page brochure outlines the company's high reliability products for in-orbit spaceflight applications. Some products include UTiFLEX® flexible microwave cables, semi-rigid products and cable integrated components. Product photographs, descriptions and features are provided.

Pottstown, PA (610) 495-0110.

Circle No. 210

* Corporate Brochure

This six-page brochure details the benefits of the company's Web site for RF, microwave and wireless engineers and procurement professionals, as well as its benefits to participating suppliers. Users may identify candidate suppliers to provide product or services or research suppliers via the site's quick-link feature.

Cupertino, CA (408) 255-5055.

Circle No. 211