ZTE Corp. announced that it takes the lead in completing Phase 1 of SA 5G Core Test of China Telecom, actively promoting the development and maturity of the 5G network industry chain.

China Telecom launched the SA 5G Core test in September, 2018, ZTE takes the lead in the test in various fields by virtue of years of professional technology accumulation. ZTE is the first to make the 5GC First Call based on three-layer decoupling and SA architecture, the first to complete 4G and 5G bidirectional interoperability and the first to complete the comprehensive function test of AMF/NSSF/NRF/SMF/AUSF/UDM/PCF/UPF.

Liu Jianhua, general manager of ZTE CCN products, said: “ZTE will continue to actively collaborate with China Telecom by participating in 5G technology researches, specification development and tests, so as to help China Telecom achieve the large-scale commercialization of 5G network, and build the new-generation, high speed, large-capacity, intelligent communication network infrastructure.”

This test is based on the latest 3GPP protocol framework, including: service based architecture (SBA), mobility management, session management, PCC and QoS policy control, Xn interface switchover, N2 interface switchover, security management, network slicing, 4G and 5G bidirectional interoperability, VoNR support and other service functions, as well as manual and automatic scaling, reliability processing and other virtualization functions.