Norsat International Inc.  announced that the company has recently sold more than $2 million in Ka-Band ATOM Block Upconverter (BUC) products for Comms-on-the-Move applications across North America, Asia and Europe.

Since the release of Norsat’s ATOM Ka-Band series, Norsat has seen tremendous market uptake in the products for both the airborne SATCOM market and land based “Communications on the Move” market. Sales of ATOM Ka-Band products include:

  • Two major deals with Tier 1 defense contractors for Norsat’s ATOM 25 W Ka-Band BUC into land-based Comms-on-the-Move applications
  • Two large contracts with Tier 1 defense contractors for Norsat’s 50 W Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) for airborne Comms-on-the-Move applications, including a custom low-profile SSPA

Customers are choosing the Norsat Ka-Band BUC and SSPA products due to their low SWaP. Providing industry leading SWaP, ATOM products are up to 85 percent smaller than equivalent BUCs, up to 90 percent lighter and 60 percent more power efficient. Norsat’s ability to provide custom solutions including low profile BUCs, support for military standards including shock, vibration and EMI/EMC, as well as RTCA DO-160 airborne certification and Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) compatibility are key selling features that have helped Norsat achieve multiple design wins.

To support ATOM Ka-Band products success, Norsat has added manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. Their partner facility has established a Quality Management System, including ISO policies and LEAN practices and has met or exceeded the company's and their customers' stringent quality standards.

Dr. Amiee Chan, president and CEO of Norsat, commented, “Norsat prides itself in its ability to take customers’ unique requirements and customize units quickly in order to deliver products for challenging applications. We can also rapidly deliver our standard leading-edge ATOM products, with units in stock for immediate delivery.”