OmniPreSense Corp. announces a 3D printed enclosure for its radar sensors which is designed with a novel electromagnetic (EM) lens. The EM lens focuses the radar beamwidth to a tighter 26 degree x 26 degree (azimuth/elevation) from the standard 78 degree x 78 degree. In addition to the more focused beamwidth, the antenna gain is increased 3 to 5 dB. This allows detection of objects at farther distances while ignoring clutter to the sides of the desired field of view.

Combining the EM lens with the OPS241 or OPS242 radar sensors creates a complete solution for applications such as motion detection, traffic monitoring (cars and people) and autonomous vehicles (robots, drones). A simple application programming interface (API) provides direct control of the OPS241 and OPS242, allowing control over the reported data format (m/s, mph, etc.), transmit power and other useful settings.

“We’ve been working on our EM lensing technology for quite a while now and proud to finally make it available,” stated Rob Frizzell, CEO and co-founder of OmniPreSense. “Our unique 3D printed design provides a flexible, low cost method of supporting different customer applications without the cost and time of spinning expensive board designs.”

Pricing and Availability

The new EM lens enclosure is available for both the OPS241-A and OPS242-A radar sensors. A single enclosure is priced at $45.