RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for a phase-frequency detector from Microsemi. Incorporating dual, 0.01 to 40 GHz, 7-bit programmable, high-speed prescalers for reference and VCO inputs, the PFD1K is ideally suited to phase locked loop applications from DC to 8 GHz.

The prescalers are 1 to 127, integer dividers that feed the differential input of the phase-frequency detector. Dual charge pumps follow the phase-frequency detector and offer differential outputs.  Single Sideband phase noise is -153 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset.

 The PFD1K operates with a single positive or negative 3.3 V supply, and is packaged in a 40-pin, 6 mm x 6 mm ceramic leadless surface mount package.