RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for a versatile, cost-effective GaN transistor from NXP. NXP’s MMRF5017HS operates from 30 to 2200 MHz and offers 125 W CW in narrow band applications and 90 W CW in broadband applications. For pulsed applications (100 uSec, 20% duty cycle), the transistor provides up to 200 W output.

 With up to 18 dB of gain, the MMRF5017HS is suitable for applications such as Radar, jammers, EMC testing, emergency service radio and cellular infrastructure. GaN on SiC technology offers high power densities. Coupled with 50 V operation, system efficiency is increased and overall operating costs reduced.

 Offered in a flange package, broadband, 30 to 940 MHz reference designs are available.

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