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The iVA Cable & Antenna Analyzer is Kaelus’ newest tool in a family of test & measurement equipment. This small, powerful analyzer dramatically reduces the test time to accurately measure and locate VSWR/return loss faults in RF infrastructure. The iVA is a rugged, battery-operated module that can be remotely controlled with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, smart phone or any Kaelus iPA series PIM analyzer. This wireless connectivity enables greater measurement flexibility, opening up new possibilities for sweep and multi-port testing. 

Covering 560 to 2750 MHz and able to perform a variety of measurements—return loss, distance-to-fault, cable loss, antenna isolation, spectrum monitoring and branch insertion loss—the iVA tests a wide range of cellular deployment scenarios. In most cases, the iVA connects directly to the device under test, eliminating the need for a phase-stable cable. The handheld iVA weighs only 1.5 lb (680 g) and is easily clipped to a tool belt for tower-top measurements, although the wireless remote control enables technicians to operate the device from the bottom of the tower.

An intuitive software interface enables users to generate complete test reports on site, eliminating post-site processing. The iVA includes an advanced geo-tagging feature, allowing users to plot all test measurements taken with any location-enabled device, to include in the test report. Recent software updates enable testing the recently-auctioned 600 MHz spectrum, which is being freed by TV broadcasters to add bands for LTE and 5G.

Hayden, Idaho