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MiniRF introduces the MRFCP0016, a patent-pending, high directivity coupler and the first in a planned family in the high directivity coupler (HDC) product line. The MRFCP0016 is a three-port, 8 dB coupler with 40 dB isolation across a very wide bandwidth: 5 to 1218 MHz. The coupler has excellent isolation and flatness, with less than 2 dB insertion loss and typical return loss of 20 dB. Coupling signals in either direction, the MRFCP0016 achieves high directivity between the receive and transmit channels over the full bandwidth. 

Samples will be available in July, with evaluation boards available through RFMW Ltd., MiniRF’s global distributor. MiniRF will release a four-port version of the coupler this fall and 16 and 20 dB versions are being developed. All HDC products will be offered in 0.375 in. long, 0.5 in. wide, 0.175 in. high surface-mount packages. 

The MRFCP0016 coupler was developed for the new DOCSIS full duplex systems, yet can be used in numerous other applications. The HDC line is one of a broad range of high performance 50 and 75 Ω wire-wound magnetics products offered by MiniRF. 

Passionate about passive components and committed to unequaled, quality reliability, MiniRF also offers custom designs and build-to-print manufacturing for the RF/microwave market. MiniRF designs and qualifies new products in the company’s labs in Fremont, Calif.

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