dBm Volts Watts Conversion

When designing RF power circuits, it’s useful to know the voltage level for a given power level. This table provides a chart showing the relationship between power in dBm, watts and the relevant voltage expressed in volts, millivolts and microvolts (peak-to-peak for sinusoidal signals) in a 50-ohm system. It is applicable for both low and high-power applications.

Decibels (dB) Calculator

Daycounter, Inc.

This calculator converts between decibels, voltage gain (or current) and power gain. Simply fill in one field and the calculator will convert the other two fields.

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dBm, dBW, dBuV Calculators Besser

Besser Associates

This is a simple to use conversion calculator. Input a value into the entry field and hit the enter key. The result will appear below. You can choose different calculations from the drop down menu.

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MDIF Utility Optenni

Optenni Ltd.

The Optenni MDIF Utility generates an MDIF file from a collection of Touchstone files. The MDIF file can be used for example to represent the different states of a tunable capacitor or a multiport switch. Data about the maximum allowed voltage and current is also added to the file and used in the Optenni Lab matching circuit optimization software.

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Miscellaneous Conversion Calculators 

Pasternack Pasternack

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Unit Conversion Tool AccelWare


Unit Conversion Tool is a universal assistant for all of your conversion needs, allows fast and accurate conversions between almost every possible units of measure. The program includes more than 2200 units in 78 categories, including length, weight, temperature, volume, numbers and more.

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Z-S-Y-A Parameter Conversion Calculator

Daycounter, Inc. ZSYA

This calculator converts between Z-Y-S parameters. S parameters are a function of the characteristic impedance. All impedances are expressed in rectangular form (R+Xj).

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