Dielectric Resonator Sources
The company’s dielectric resonator sources are designed with the lowest phase noise at the lowest cost. Internal reference models are available up to ±5 ppm stability. (Phase-locked sources over 27 GHz also are available.) Special options include two outputs and a separate reference module to minimize size. The company also offers special units and surface-mount synthesizers as well as voltage-controlled oscillators.
RADITEK, San Jose, CA (408) 266-7404.

Crystal-controlled Oscillators
The XO2000 series crystal-controlled oscillators cover the output frequency range from 80 to 120 MHz with frequency stability of ±5 ppm. RF output power is 13 dBm (typ) with a power supply of +12 V DC at 35 mA. Phase noise at 10 Hz is -85 dBc/Hz and at 100 Hz is -122 dBc/Hz. Supply ripple sensitivity is 50 mV, -76 dBc at 400 MHz and vibration sensitivity is < 5 x 109/G. Operating temperature range is 0° to +50°C. Size: 1.00" x 1.00" x 0.50".
Techtrol Cyclonetics Inc. (TCI), Cumberland, PA (717) 774-2746.

The OX-2000 series oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) are available in frequencies from 1 to 160 MHz with a center frequency of ±0.1 ppm (from 0° to 50°C). The oscillators meet ANSI Stratum-3 requirements, including ±4.6 ppm total stability over a lifetime and ±0.37 ppm over a holdover period as well as variations in temperature, supply voltage, load variations and 24 hours of aging. The oscillators utilize a contemporary semiconductor heating design, ensuring that the units reach thermal stability and specifications within 1.5 minutes (typ) and three minutes (max). The OCXOs consume less than 2.5 W during warm-up and less than 1 W steady-state at 25°C. The OX-2000 series are available in small 14-pin DIPs with package height of less than 10 mm from 1 to 60 MHz and less than 12.7 mm for frequencies up to 160 MHz, which include SONET and asynchronous transfer mode applications. Prices: start at $50 (10,000). Delivery: 12 weeks (ARO).
Raltron Electronics Corp., Miami, FL (305) 593-6033 .