Millimeter-wave Sector Antennas
The WavShapr™ antennas are available for 24, 26, 28, 31 and 38 GHz operation with ultra-low cross-polarization. Designed using internally developed genetic optimization techniques that result in good antenna performance, the antennas offer extremely flat amplitude within the azimuth coverage region and extensive sidelobe suppression outside the sector. The WavShapr antennas are low profile, rugged and significantly outperform traditional sector antennas. Uniform power density is provided by a highly controlled cosecant elevation pattern throughout a 45° downtilt. Available in horizontal or vertical polarizations, the antennas offer SWR of 1.5 and maximum RF input power of 10 W.
Endgate Corp., Sunnyvale, CA (408) 737-7300.

300 MHz - 3 GHz Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna
The model EM-6946 log periodic dipole array antenna offers an exceptional combination of frequency coverage and high power handling capability without compromising the consistent performance vs. frequency that makes the log periodic antenna so desirable for test applications. The rugged antenna is powder coated, not raw or painted aluminum, ensuring that the unit will not corrode or otherwise change its electrical characteristics over time. The wideband technology used in the unit allows the convenience of a single antenna for tests that previously would have required two or more antennas.
Electro-Metrics, Johnstown, NY (518) 762-2600.

GPS Antennas
The GPS series antennas feature a low profile microstrip patch design and provide higher gain and versatility than previous GPS antennas supplied by the company. Two basic model are available according to the user’s mounting requirements and can be ordered in 26 or 31 dBi versions. The models AGPS26 and AGPS31 antennas are available with magnetic, screw or adhesive tape mount options and feature a built-in ground plane. The M mount-compatible units provide 360° azimuth and 0° to 90° elevation coverage with right-hand circular polarization. A low profile housing and electrically shielded LNA PCB with burnout protection is provided. In addition, the antennas are supplied with 15 feet of RG174/U cable and various connector choices.
MAXRAD Inc., Hanover Park, IL (800) 323-9122.

High Power Trihedral Corner Reflector
The model 9887-800 high power trihedral corner reflector consists of a high power radome-enclosed monopole element placed into a trihedral corner reflector. The unit operates over the frequency range from 150 to 300 MHz and power handling is 325 kW at a 0.01 duty factor. Polarization is linear (rotatable for horizontal or vertical). Gain is 8 dBi (min); SWR is 2 (max); sidelobes are 13 dB (min), E and H planes; and cross polarization is 10 dB (min). The RF port os 3-1/8" 50 W coaxial line.
Seavey Engineering Associates Inc., Pembroke, MA (781) 829-4740.