New Literature

COTS High Reliability Certification Program Brochure
This six-page brochure provides information on the company’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) quality program to support the US government’s initiative to qualify standard products for enhanced-reliability, including ruggedized commercial, military and space/satellite applications. Documentation of screening options and a manufacturing process flow diagram are also included.
American Technical Ceramics (ATC),
Huntington Station, NY
(516) 622-4700.

Test Systems Brochure
This eight-page brochure contains information on the ATN-4000 series multiport and differential S-parameter test systems. Detailed graphs and a listing of key specifications and value-added features are provided.
ATN Microwave Inc.,
North Billerica, MA
(877) 286-8665 or (978) 667-4200.

Connector Catalog
This 48-page catalog features the company’s Elco line of 2-mm hard metric connectors designed specifically for CompactPCI“ applications. Easy-to-read layouts and diagrams are also included. The catalog is available at
AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC
(843) 448-9411.

1999/2000 Master Catalog
This 160-page master sourcebook catalog features hand-held meters, test equipment, soldering equipment, and power and specialty tools as well as the company’s original JTK“ tool kits. All products have a 30-day unconditional guarantee.
Jensen Tools Inc.,
Phoenix, AZ
(800) 426-1194 or (602) 453-3169.

Withstanding Voltage Tester Data Sheet
This four-page data sheet describes the Kikusui Electronics Corp. model TOS5052 withstanding voltage tester for use with electronic equipment and components. Key specifications and features are listed.
IFR Americas Inc.,
Wichita, KS
(316) 522-4981.

Condensed Product Catalog
This product catalog provides information on the company’s audio and video switching systems and switching modules, including RF/IF and video switching matrices, high voltage switching systems and converter modules.
Matrix Systems Corp.,
Calabasas, CA
(818) 222-2302.

Wireless Data Applications Brochure
This six-page applications brochure describes the company’s new industrial, scientific and medical wireless data antenna line and is designed to assist value-added resellers and system’s integrators in determining the optimal antenna solution for any wireless data application. Examples of wireless data applications and general specifications are included.
Hanover Park, IL
(800) 323-9122 or (630) 372-6800.

Photonics Component Catalog
This comprehensive catalog contains tutorial information on lasers, nanopositioning and fiber-optic alignment, machine vision and beam analysis. The company’s Optics Guide and descriptions of more than 600 photonics products are also included.
Melles Griot Photonics Components,
Irvine, CA
(800) 835-2626 or (949) 261-5600.

Contact Sense Probe Product Guide
This product guide describes the model 44-CS contact sense probe that compensates for variations in wafer thickness. Key specifications are included and photographs illustrate the product.
The Micromanipulator Company Inc.,
Carson City, NV
(800) 967-2426 or (775) 882-2400.

Ceramic Chip Capacitor Brochure
This eight-page brochure describes the company’s high capacitance multilayer ceramic chip capacitors for smoothing and bypass (decoupling) applications. Detailed graphs illustrate key specifications.
Taiyo Yuden Inc.,
San Jose, CA
(800) 348-2496.

Technical Bulletin
This two-page technical bulletin contains information on shielding effectiveness of dual electromagnetic interference (EMI) honeycomb air filters. Detailed illustrations of material and structural features contributing to EMI and RF interference shielding performance are also provided.
Universal Air Filter Co.,
Sauget, IL
(800) 541-3478.

Company Magazine
This 32-page magazine, bits, contains information on the company’s digital video broadcasting products, network optimization solutions and test equipment for high bit rate/asynchronous digital subscriber line transmission. Product news and applications are also provided.
Wandel & Goltermann GmbH & Co.,
Eningen u.A., Germany
+49 7121 86 1793.

Electronics Bulletin
This one-page bulletin lists the company’s wide range of electronics products, including materials systems, thermal management materials, dielectric formulations and additives, surface finishing compounds, electronics glasses and ceramics.
Ferro Corp.,
Cleveland, OH
(800) 423-3776.

New Phase Stable Coaxial Cable Assembly Brochure
This six-page brochure contains information on the company’s new line of coaxial cables and assemblies for high performance systems design. Product photographs and key specifications also are included.
Insulated Wire Corp.,
Danbury, CT
(203) 791-1999.

Multichip Module Packaging Solution Brochure
This six-page brochure describes the company’s capabilities in high density multichip module packaging for telecommunications, computer and network enterprises. Product information and a company profile are also included.
Strand Interconnect AB,
Norrköping, Sweden
+46 (11) 36 88 20.