25 GHz High Frequency Silicon Transistors
The models NE661M04, NE662M04 and NE663M04 high frequency silicon transistors are housed in an ultra-miniature, low profile M04 package with a footprint that's less than half the size of the SOT-143. The M04 package is just 0.55 mm high and features a new, flat lead design that helps to reduce parasitics while improving electrical performance. Fabricated using the company's UHS0 25 GHz fT wafer process, these transistors deliver high gain bandwidth with super gain and noise performance and are most suited for LNAs or oscillators for PCMCIA cards and other space-constrained applications. Price (100,000): 28¢ (NE661), 30¢ (NE662), 33¢ (NE663).
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), 
Santa Clara, CA 
(408) 988-3500.

Hyperabrupt Junction Tuning Varactors
The SMV1142 to SMV1148 series frequency linear silicon hyperabrupt junction varactor diodes are designed to deliver improved VCO frequency vs. voltage linearity. Frequency linearity is achieved by using an increasing gamma vs. voltage characteristic. Manufactured in multiple packages including SOT-23, SOD-323, SC-70 and SC-70, the varactor diodes are characterized for capacitance and resistance over temperature. SPICE models are available. Price: 19¢ (100,000).
Alpha Industries, 
Woburn, MA 
(800) 290-7200, ext. 306 or (508) 894-1904.

RF Transistors
The models PTF 10049 and PTF 10037 wideband, high power, RF transistors designed for amplification of UHF TV signals are highly linear, gold metallized, silicon laterally double-diffused MOS (LDMOS) FETs. Both devices have been optimized for broadband capability covering the worldwide UHF TV band of 470 to 860 MHz and support all new digital modulations as well as traditional analog formats. The PTF 10049 N-channel enhancement-mode lateral MOSFET delivers 85 W of power and offers 100 percent lot traceability; the PTF 10037 GOLDMOS™ device delivers 120 W of power with 14 dB gain and provides full broadband coverage over the combination of UHF TV bands IV and V. The highly reliable full gold metal system used on both devices extends the mean time to failure to well over 6000 years.
Ericsson Components RF Power Products, 
Morgan Hill, CA 
(408) 778-9434.

Detectors, Power Limiters and Threshold Detectors
These detectors, power limiters and threshold detectors are available in either drop-in module or coaxial hermetic packages that cover the 100 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range. Intended for use in military, space or commercial applications, these semiconductor products are available off the shelf or custom designed to meet a particular application. The devices are available with or without full MIL-STD screening.
Mica Microwave Corp., 
San Jose, CA 
(408) 363-9200.

RF LDMOS Devices
The MRF19000 series RF LDMOS devices optimized for 1.9 GHz PCS band CDMA applications offers a 50 percent improvement in single-ended power (up to 90 W), a 25 percent improvement in efficiency and superior gain performance. The devices also provide maximum protection from hot carrier injection effects (< 10 percent Vgs over 20 years) while not sacrificing RF performance. Based upon the company's fourth-generation RF LDMOS technology, the MRF19000 series devices incorporate input and output matching, making them easier to use and significantly reducing design cycles as well as space board. Price: $180. Delivery: six weeks (production quantities).
Motorola, Semiconductor Products Sector, 
Phoenix, AZ 
(602) 244-3936.

Schottky Diode Detector
The model 9045-001 Schottky diode detector operates over the 0.5 to 18 GHz frequency range. Sensitivity is 2000 mV/mW (min) and output voltage flatness vs. frequency is +/-1.5 dB (max). Tangential signal sensitivity is -51 dBm (min), input power handling is +23 dBm (max), output polarity is negative and operating temperature range is -55° to +125°C.
Robinson Laboratories Inc., 
Nashua, NH 
(603) 880-7880.

RF Transistors
The models MT3S03T and MT3S04T RF transistors offer the lowest voltage available on an RF transistor at 1 V over a frequency range of 50 MHz to 1.9 GHz. Intended for digital cellular and cordless, PCS and personal digital assistant applications, the transistors are optimized for dual-band, dual-mode applications where battery life is essential to enhance performance. The MT3S03T and MT3S04T provide low Vce (sat) and low capacitance at fT 7 GHz and 10 GHz, respectively. The RF transistors use TESM packaging, one of the smallest packages available on the market (1.40 mm x 1.20 mm x 0.5 mm). Price: 15¢ (3000). Delivery: currently in full production.
Toshiba America Electronics Components Inc., 
Irvine, CA 
(800) 879-4963, ext. 233.

MOSFET Transistors
The S series low cost RF power MOSFET transistors offer 90 and 120 W of output power and operate up to 500 MHz plus. Designed for both narrow and wideband operation, the transistors exhibit a low crossover. S parameters and SPICE models are available at the company's Web site:
Polyfet RF Devices, 
Camarillo, CA 
(805) 484-4210.