Digital Radio Subsystem
The model PMC/SB3410 advanced digital radio front-end module has been combined with the model VME/C6420 signal processing platform to produce a digital radio subsystem that is ideal for developing the most advanced signal intelligence systems. The PCM/SB3410 is a full duplex, wideband digital transceiver module. Working in tandem with the VME/C6420 processor board via an industry-standard PMC connection, the unit can support a wide variety of narrow and wideband wireless protocols, including AMPS, TDMA, GSM and CDMA. The PCM/SB3410 provides very high performance data paths directly into the VME/C6420’s four onboard digital signal processors (DSP), essential for moving around wideband data. Up to four 200 MB simultaneous point-to-point links can be dynamically configured to connect the DSPs, control processor and PCM/SB3410.
Blue Wave Systems, 
Carrollton, TX 
(972) 277-4600.

High Current Multiple Output Power Supply
The PT400 series compact, multiple output, 400 W power supply has a 3.3 V high current main output and active input power factor correction (PFC). The active PFC circuitry provides compliance with EN61000-3-2 and accommodates a wide-input voltage range of 90 to 264 V AC for global applications. The PFC input stage is followed by a two-transistor forward converter that provides a proven architecture for high reliability requirements. All outputs are fully isolated and regulated. Standard features include power fail warning, remote inhibit and remote sense. Price: from $437 (100).
C&D Technologies Inc. 
Power Electronics Division, 
Tucson, AZ (800) 547-2537.

Base Station Transmitter Unit
The INTERWAVE 99 base station transmitter unit (BSTU) consists of an upconverter, power amplifier and optimal control and monitoring interface module. Designed and factory set to operate in any 200 MHz segment of the 2100 to 2700 MHz MMDS band, the BSTU offers a gain of 40 dB, SWR of 1.5 and power supply of –48 V at 0.7 A through the input coax. The architecture of the unit is implemented to minimize the spectral re-growth, adjacent-channel power and error vector magnitude critical to QPSK, QAM and DQPSK modulations used with CDMA and other wireless voice and data networks. Operating temperature range is –40° to +65°C. N-type interfaces are included. Size: 7.0" x 10.0" x 1.5".
ITS Electronics Inc., 
Concord, Ontario, Canada 
(905) 660-0405.

Ku-band Converters
The Ku-band M2 series up- and downconverters for data, voice and digital/analog video transmission utilize simplified state-of-the-art modular construction that provides extended frequency range, improved reliability, performance and easy maintenance. The converters feature a liquid crystal display for expanded monitor and control. Converter frequency and gain are controlled via a front-panel keypad. Standard features include front-panel gain adjust, RS422/485 remote control and a higher output power (+6 dBm). Flexible 1:1 and 1:N protection switches are available with these converters.
LNR TrekCom, 
Hauppauge, NY 
(516) 273-7111.