VSAT Model
The STEL-9261 very small aperture terminal (VSAT) modem is programmable for coverage over the full 52 to 88 MHz IF output range. Power level is programmable over the -5 to -25 dBm range. The unit includes integral forward error correction using constraint length K = 7 with rate 1/2, 3/4 or 7/8 Viterbi decoding to reduce overhead and assure the highest signal integrity. A programmable FIR filter allows the modem to match system requirements. The unit includes an AGC value monitor and alarm, C/N (Eb/No) value monitor and alarm, signal quality monitor and bit error rate value and is packaged in a 1RU rack-mounted case. The STEL-9261 transmit and receive functions can be remotely and independently programmed and monitored via a user-selectable EIA 232-E or EIA-485 interface. The data interface is EIA-449.
Stanford Telecom,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 745-2660.

20 Mbps PCI Bit Synchronizers
The model 5200 multichannel bit synchronizer subsystems are fully integrated rugged units with installed cards that receive multiple independent baseband data streams and simultaneously process them to provide clean serial output data streams with synchronous clocks. Each unit also includes an optional onboard Viterbi decoder that operates with three-bit soft decision for maximum coding gain, PCI/ISA bus, 300 W power supply and 10-inch diagonal active matrix color liquid crystal display (LCD) VGA display. Designed specifically for preflight system checkout, aircraft flight testing, satellite system checkout, and monitoring and launch vehicle qualification, the unit operates on 110 or 220 V (switch controlled). All storage devices are shock and vibration isolated, and rack-mount slides are included. Operating temperature range is 0° to +45°C.
AYDIN Telemetry, a division of AYDIN Corp.,
Newtown, PA
(215) 497-8000.

Dual-input Base Station Receiver Unit
The INTERWAVE 99 dual input base station receiver unit consists of downconverters, baseband amplifiers and an optional control and monitoring interface module. Designed to operate in any 12 MHz segment of the 2100 to 2700 MHz MMDS band, the unit includes a diversity switch to select the stronger of two input signals. The base station receiver unit architecture is implemented to minimize the spectral regrowth, adjacent-channel power and error vector magnitude critical to QPSK, QAM, DQPSK modulations used with CDMA, and other wireless voice and data network architectures. Gain is 40 dB, noise figure is < 4 dB, SWR is 2 and power supply is -48 V at 0.4 A through the input coax. Operating temperature range is -40° to +65°C. Size: 9.0" x 10.0" x 1.6".
ITS Electronics Inc.,
Concord, Ontario, Canada
(905) 660-0405.

High Frequency PLL Synthesizer Module
The model PLL800-5800 PLL synthesizer module generates frequencies from 5700 to 5900 MHz in 500 kHz steps with a typical settling time of 12 ms. The unit typically requires 53 mA of current from a 5 V supply voltage. Phase noise at 1 kHz offset is -61 dBc/Hz (typ), phase noise at 100 kHz offset is -105 dBc/Hz (typ) and phase detector spurious suppression is -75 dBc (typ). Output power is 0 dBm (typ) and second- and third-harmonic suppression is -15 and -20 dBc, respectively. The unit is housed in a 15.25 mm x 15.25 mm x 3.50 mm surface-mount, pick-and-place/reflow-compatible package.
Vari-L Co. Inc.,
Denver, CO
(303) 371-1560.