MMDS Antenna Range
The DataMaster™ antenna range for two-way multichannel, multipoint distribution service (MMDS) systems is available in three versions, including a 90° sector transmit antenna for two-way systems with 18 dBi gain in the 2500 to 2700 MHz frequency band, and receive antennas for two-way systems with a gain of either 18 dBi (90° sector size) or 22 dBi (30° sector size) in the 2150 to 2360 MHz frequency band. Designed for sectorized data transmission and efficient use of the MMDS spectrum for data applications, the antenna pattern performance provides front-to-back ratios of greater than 30 dB and minimizes sector interference. The antennas are available in horizontal and vertical polarization, weigh approximately 20 lb, can survive winds of up to 150 mph and will continue to operate in temperatures between -40° and +70°C.
Andrew Corp.,
Orland Park, IL
(800) 255-1479.

Distributed Antenna System
The RadWire™ distributed antenna system is designed to provide in-building wireless coverage at a low cost and offers an affordable solution to the problem of enhancing wireless coverage inside high-rise buildings, transportation terminals, shopping malls, campuses, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. RadWire replaces radiating coaxial cable, standard coaxial cable and individual antennas with a single-wire transmission line that serves as a high efficiency distributed antenna. Wireless signals are transformed into a surface wave that is simultaneously guided and radiated by the wire. The open system is band specific, entirely passive, rated for plenum environments and available in four versions that cover the cellular/SMR/paging, DCS, PCS and 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) wireless bands.
White Plains, NY
(914) 697-7655.

Internal Planar Antenna
The Splatch internal planar antenna for use in compact applications such as remote controls, pagers and alert devices covers the 902 to 928 MHz frequency band. Designed for direct PCB mounting, the antenna eliminates the mechanical and cosmetic concerns of traditional external antennas. The stable grounded-line design results in excellent pattern and polarization characteristics and minimizes proximity detuning. The antenna exhibits a 50 W characteristic impedance and an SWR of < 1.9 and measures 1.100" x 0.500" x .062". Price: less than $1 (production quantities).
Linx Technologies,
Grants Pass, OR
(800) 736-6677.