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Berkeley Nucleonics’ 845 series RF/microwave signal generators cover 9 kHz to 12, 20 or 26 GHz with exceptional phase noise: −115 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset with a 4 GHz signal, for example. Advanced frequency synthesis with a fractional-N divider provides the low phase noise as well as micro-Hz resolution. The series has full analog modulation capabilities, i.e., frequency, phase, power, pulse and chirp; the signal generator can also be provided without modulation capability (LO option) for a lower price.

The 845 RF/microwave signal generators are available in formats and packages that make them versatile for any application, from lab to remote field use: a small module based synthesizer, a 1U 19"rack-mount enclosure, and a compact benchtop unit with internal rechargeable battery option and carrying case for field use. The adjustable output power can be increased from the standard +15 dBm to +26 dBm (option HP).

With the fast switching option (FS), the 845 provides extremely fast sweeps that, combined with the trigger system, generates accurate and rapid frequency and power ramps down to 10 µs. Compared to traditional analog sweeps, fast digital sweeps can be synchronized at any time during the sweep and yield precise frequencies throughout the sweep. The signal generator can be programmed to execute sweeps with either the free BNC graphical user interface (GUI) or by SCPI commands via USB, LAN or GPIB. The sources may also be accurately synchronized to external equipment using input and output triggering.

The 845 series is a proven alternative to large, complex and expensive instruments — for a fraction of the cost.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corp.
San Rafael, Calif.