Developers of wireless products that need to push to the higher communication bands now have access to an affordable VNA for operation up to 6 GHz. The new MegiQ VNA-0460 VNA measures impedances and other S-parameters from 400 MHz up to 6 GHz.

The VNA-0460 is a full two-port VNA that is controlled through a USB connection by a PC. It’s compact size makes it suitable for busy workbenches and allows for short connections to the device under development.

This VNA is ideal for measuring all kinds of micro-circuits like antennas, attenuators and amplifiers. Its frequency range covers all popular telecom bands like GSM-GPRS-LTE, Wi-Fi, DECT, GPS, ISM, Zigbee and Bluetooth.

The VNA-0460e is an enhanced version with an extra generator port for 3-port measurements and a built-in bias voltage/current generator for active circuits. Since the bias settings can be included in a parametric sweep, this VNA can characterise active circuit with varying bias voltages and currents.

The software has an easy and straightforward user interface while at the same time allowing enhanced measurements such as parametric sweeps and flexible port setup. A powerful feature is the built-in "match circuit" calculator that calculates and simulates a (antenna) matching network in real-time.

A session manager organizes the measurements including all calibration data and a report generator supports professional development and documentation of the measurements.

The MegiQ UFL and balanced calibration kit make it possible to measure the ever smaller RF devices and keep up with IoT developments. The MegiQ VNA-Sandbox offers a quick learning platform for VNA measurements.

As an introduction, MegiQ is offering the VNA-0460 for the same price as the 4 GHz version for a limited time.