A Major Schematic Capture/Layout Package Upgrade

Optotek Ltd.
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

Version 2 of the MMICAD™ SCHEMATIC/LAYOUT package has been released to address the design engineer's need for efficient, cost-effective design tools via an integrated project-based design function. This new capability involves tight bidirectional integration between schematic capture, the MMICAD linear simulator and layout. The coordinated status of each program is saved for convenience of future project modification or editing, as shown in Figure 1 .

The program now features a top-down design capability while still supporting the original bottom-up design. A designer can start with either a circuit envelope or the individual components. A schematic now can be created with a symbolic representation of a circuit section (for example, INPUTMATCH), which can be expanded upon later. This function accommodates generation of a hierarchical netlist from a hierarchical schematic. In addition, schematic capture now supports switching between the detailed representation of a complex circuit (circuit page) and a simplified symbol (symbol page).

The efficiency and speed of both bidirectional schematic capture and bidirectional layout also have been improved. The schematic can be converted to a MMICAD simulator netlist, or the layout can be generated instantly from a schematic without using the intermediate netlist.

For circuits of moderate complexity, the user can generate the circuit schematic automatically from either a layout or the circuit netlist. The user is warned if circuit complexity compromises accurate schematic generation. Similarly, the schematic text can be updated from the netlist.

The program also offers added support for specifying the manner in which each schematic element will be subsequently laid out. Three options are available: Auto-generated Layout, Artwork Name for use of predefined packages and No Layout for no equivalent layout. The No Layout option facilitates the schematic generation and layout of circuits with mounted components (for example, discrete optoelectronic devices).

A user-definable layout artwork library of component footprints also has been added as well as new templates for PCB and MMIC design, as shown in Figures 2 and 3 , respectively. In addition, a comprehensive text parameter presentation has been introduced along with a provision for easy text modification.

A powerful feature of MMICAD SCHEMATIC/LAYOUT is its ability to accommodate the layout of complex ICs. This layout capability supports the use of up to 64 layers and allows designs to be performed with up to 20 levels of cell hierarchy. MMICAD LAYOUT is based on the hierarchical CALMA GDS II Stream format. The software both imports and exports data in this industry-standard binary format as well as AUTOCAD versions 12 and 14 DXF, HPGL, IGES, EXCELLON NC and GERBER formats.

MMICAD SCHEMATIC now can be purchased separately for use with the MMICAD linear simulator. Pricing starts at $700. Pricing for the combined MMICAD SCHEMATIC/LAYOUT starts at $1700.

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Kanata, Ontario, Canada
(613) 591-0336.