Altair invites engineering students from across the globe to participate in the 14th annual FEKO Student Competition. The competition is open to all students who work on a supervised project in electromagnetic engineering and make use of FEKO, Altair's HyperWorks solution for electromagnetic simulation.

The Altair competition is an ideal opportunity for students to showcase their work with FEKO. In addition to international recognition, some attractive prizes are up for grabs this year – a state-of-the-art laptop computer or a ticket to attend any one of our Altair ATC or ATCx events, which are hosted around the world each year.

"As an engineer, I am always looking for breakthroughs, and the FEKO student competition provided me a platform to explore new possibilities. It was an exciting and valuable experience,” says Ting-Yen Shih, Ph.D. student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA and winner of the 2015 FEKO Student Competition with his entry: “Design of Platform-Mounted HF Antennas with Enhanced Bandwidth Using the Characteristic Mode Configuration in FEKO”.

In his winning project, Ting-Yen successfully developed a method using the characteristic mode configuration in FEKO to systematically and efficiently approach the bandwidth limitation of a platform mode. This resulted in him achieving bandwidths that stand-alone antennas were not able to attain. 

“Students gain experience and confidence working with a leading CEM tool that is used widely in industry,” explains Altair Business Development Director of Academic Markets, Dr Matthias Goelke. “We are very happy to support and award students and institutions who are utilising our tools. The academic website provides a wealth of learning materials on our software.  Our academic program includes a free student version of our HyperWorks CAE suite as well as online support on our academic website.”

Mahrukh Khan from the University of Missouri – Kansas City received one of last year's honourable mentions. When asked about the value of such a competition she replied: “The FEKO student competition gave me confidence, recognition and encouragement to explore more about this user-friendly but comprehensive software.”

The second honourable mention in 2015 went to Stanley O Kuja for his work based on the SKA project. He said that the competition was an excellent platform that tested the quality of his research work at Stellenbosch University against those of the finest of brains worldwide: “It has added value to my academic credentials and given me a better understanding of FEKO as a research tool.”

Marno van Rooyen from the University of Pretoria received the third honourable mention with his paper “Dual Band Directional WLAN Antenna with High Gain”.

To participate students must register online.Deadline for entries is 30 September 2016. More information on the 2016 competition can be found on the University website. A free Student Edition of HyperWorks 14.0, which includes FEKO, is now available via the website.

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