New Literature

Surface-mount Device Catalog
This eight-page catalog details surface-mount devices available in SOT-23, PZS, SMA and PLS packages, including zener, Schottky, switching and UHF diodes; bridge rectifiers; transistors; and junction FETS. Specifications and outline drawings are included.
Electronic Devices Inc. (EDI),
Yonkers, NY
(914) 965-4400.

Universal Power Meter Catalog
This 12-page catalog describes the company's 8650A series universal power meters designed with extensive measurement capabilities and features required to test sophisticated communications systems in TDMA, GSM and CDMA applications. A product selection guide and product photographs are provided.
Giga-tronics Inc.,
San Ramon, CA
(800) 726-4442 or (925) 328-4650.

Power Supply Brochure
This eight-page brochure features the company's new SC and SU series and popular VSB and SWS series low cost switching power supplies as well as the new DT series adapter-style power supplies for use in laptop computers and portable test equipment. Specifications and sales and service offices are listed.
Lambda Electronics Inc.,
Melville, NY
(516) 694-4200.

Test and Measurement Product Catalog
This 96-page catalog provides information on test and measurement products, including oscilloscopes, frequency counters, sweep/function generators, audio test products, power meters, digital LCR meters, and digital and analog power supplies. Probes, accessories, covers and carrying cases are also detailed. Applications and specifications are included.
Leader Instruments Corp.,
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 231-6900.

Frequency Multiplier Catalog
This 52-page catalog describes a wide assortment of passive and active multipliers, including doublers, triplers and higher order products. Detailed data sheets and outline drawings are included.
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 439-9413.

Magnetic Component Catalog
This 228-page catalog features information on a full line of soft ferrite cores and accessories, including advanced planar E, four-slot pot, low profile RM and ring cores. Manganese- and nickel-zinc ferrite materials for electronics applications are also detailed. Application notes are included.
MMG North America Inc.,
Paterson, NJ
(800) 664-7712, ext. 208.

GPIB System Application Note
This four-page application note (no. 341660A-01) describes how engineers and scientists can obtain more reliable measurements by eliminating electromagnetic interference from their GPIB systems. Sources of radiated interference are identified.
National Instruments,
Austin, TX
(800) 258-7022.

RF/Microwave Product Catalog
This 138-page catalog features an extensive range of RF/microwave products, including 90° hybrids; adapters; attenuators (fixed, programmable, push button, rotary and toggle); bias tees; circulators; coaxial and twinax cable, cable assemblies and connectors; detectors; directional couplers; isolators; limiters; phase trimmers; crimping tools; fuse holders; patch cords; power dividers; shorts; and terminations. Outline drawings and specifications are provided.
Pasternack Enterprises,
Irvine, CA
(949) 261-1920.

Probe Guide
This eight-page guide provides information on disposable-tip probe holders, disposable probe-tip points, standard fixed-tip probes, and custom probes and holders. Specifications and outline drawings are provided.
Probing Solutions Inc. (PSI),
Dayton, NV
(702) 246-0999.

Precision Photomask Brochure
This six-page brochure details the company's full line of precision photomasks designed for use in electronics, optical products and displays. Step-and-repeat capabilities and pattern imaging services are described. Materials are listed, including emulsion, chrome, iron oxide, specialty mask coating and specialty substrates.
HTA Photomask,a division of HTA Enterprises Inc.,
San Jose, CA
(408) 259-9595.

PLL IC Application Note
This 16-page application note details the company's 1.1 GHz/510 MHz model PE3282A dual fractional-N phase-locked loop (PLL) IC designed for use in frequency synthesis applications. Specifications and outline drawings are provided.
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.,
San Diego, CA
(619) 455-0660.

Radio Channel Simulator Brochure
This four-page brochure details the company's SOFI 05 series radio channel simulator designed for use in research and development, quality control and type approval of mobile telephones, base stations and chipsets. Specifications and product photographs are included.
Helsinki, Finland