Southwest Microwave Inc., a leading global supplier of high performance interconnect solutions, has added several new high-performance products to their line of precision adapters.

Additions include high-frequency within-series adapters for Southwest Microwave’s 110 GHz 1.0 mm (W) connectors and 67 GHz 0.9 mm SuperMini ultra-miniature threaded coupling coaxial assemblies. Several between-series adapters have also been introduced for interface between 2.92 mm (K) and 1.85 mm (V) connectors, and between 0.9 mm SuperMini and 1.0 mm connectors.

Southwest Microwave offers a full range of commercially-priced within-series and between-series adapters with near-metrology grade performance. Produced and tested to the same criteria as adapters for calibration kits, they provide a cost-effective solution for applications that do not specify phase matching, where previously only expensive metrology-grade adapters were used.

Designed to successfully and economically address critical production and test requirements, these adapters are ideal for use as connector savers without compromising measurement accuracy, and are approved for demanding environments such as Space or other Hi-Rel applications.

“Like all of Southwest Microwave’s precision adapters, our newest offerings are designed based on transmission line principles, which enables us to deliver the superior interconnect performance that the RF and digital design communities have come to expect from our technologies,” explained Holger Stuehrmann, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales.

“Expanding our adapters array to include broader interface options and to address higher frequencies means we can now satisfy an even wider scope of critical production and test applications at competitive prices.“

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