Ultra-broadband Limiting Amplifier
The model ADC-LA-0218 ultra-broadband limiting amplifier covers the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range and features dual in-phase RF outputs. Standard units operate from -20° to 70°C and feature +/-0.75 dB saturated output power across both frequency and temperature. In addition, Psat is +16 dBm (typ), Pin is -10, nominal gain is 40 dB, input/output SWR is 2 (max), noise figure is 5 dB (max) and output amplitude tracking is 1 dB (max) over frequency. The unit draws 300 mA from a +12 to 15 V supply.
AdComm Inc.,
South Hackensack, NJ
(201) 342-6349.

20 - 40 GHz mm-wave LNAs
The models AA022N1-00, AA028N1-00 and AA038N1-00 mm-wave LNAs are designed for use in the 20 to 40 GHz broadband wireless market. The units require a single-voltage DC supply and are reactively matched. The model AA022N1-00 three-stage, 20 to 24 GHz LNA features a signal gain of 22 dB (typ) and noise figure of 2.5 dB (typ). The model AA028N1-00 three-stage, 24 to 30 GHz LNA delivers a signal gain of 18 dB (typ) with a noise figure of 2.8 dB (typ). The model AA038N1-00 four-stage, 26 to 40 GHz LNA features a signal gain of 22 dB (typ) with a noise figure of 3.8 dB (typ).
Alpha Industries,
Woburn, MA
(800) 290-7200, ext. 306 or (508) 628-4702, ext. 306.

20 W Modular Power Amplifier
The model WLL3535 20 W modular power amplifier is designed for 3.4 to 3.6 GHz wireless local loop (WLL) applications. The unit provides 43 dB of gain and meets the ETSI standard emission mask at rated output. The three-module, fault-tolerant, hot-swap design minimizes system downtime and permits module replacement without service interruption. The unit is packaged for 19" rack-mount installation and operates on a -48 V DC power source.
AML Communications Inc.,
Camarillo, CA
(805) 388-1345.

TWT Microwave Amplifier
The model 15T4G18 traveling-wave tube (TWT) microwave amplifier tests to the higher frequency radiated RF requirements of the new Bellcore telecommunications specification. The unit features a frequency response from 4.2 to 18 GHz and offers 15 W (min) output standard, 10 W (min) in a choice of three low harmonic sub-bands. A digital front panel displays extensive system status information that can be accessed through a series of menus using soft keys or remotely via the built-in IEEE-488 interface.
Amplifier Research (AR),
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181.

Thin-film Cascadable Amplifier
The MTS 2510 series 10 to 2500 MHz thin-film GaAs FET amplifier is designed for use in high output power and low noise applications. The unit features +5 to +12 V supply voltage at 190 mA (typ), +20 to +28 dBm (typ) output power and low noise of 4 dB (typ). The supply voltage is coupled through a choke directly to the FET, providing relatively constant gain and noise figure, but with an output power that varies with voltage. The amplifier is available in TO-8, surface-mount or connectorized packages.
Avnet Microwave Technical Solutions,
San Jose, CA
(408) 360-4076.

30 W DCS GSM Amplifier
This GaAs FET linear amplifier provides 42 dB of gain and 30 W (min) GSM output power in a single rugged and reliable assembly. The amplifier serves the forward-channel transmission requirements of a typical DCS system. Specifications include a frequency range of 1805 to 1880 MHz, gain of 42 dB at +25°C (typ), gain flatness of +/-1 dB (max), noise figure of 6 dB (max), SWR in/out of 1.5 and operating temperature of -30° to +75°C baseplate. The unit features a forward detector from 0 to 4 V DC. Size: 8.0" x 4.0" x 1.5".
Chesapeake Microwave Technologies Inc.,
Glen Rock, PA
(717) 235-1655, ext. 112.

200 W GaAs FET Power Amplifier
The model ARD1929-200 GaAs power amplifier provides 200 W (min) of output power (350 W saturated) at the 1 dB compression point (P1dB) over the full 1 to 2 GHz frequency band. Gain is 53 dB (min) and noise figure is 12 dB (max). Forward and reverse output power, gain control and status are available locally or remotely via the integral IEEE-488 interface bus. Size: 15.75" x 19.00" x 24.00".
Comtech PST,
Melville, NY
(516) 777-8900.

30 - 500 MHz Broadband Power Amplifier
This 100 W RF power amplifier covers the frequency range from 30 MHz to 500 MHz with high efficiency. The class AB linear unit's output power is 100 W CW (typ) and gain is 45 dB (typ). In addition, the amplifier features a 28 V DC supply and weighs approximately 1 lb. Connectors are SMA female. Size: 6.00" x 2.50" x 1.25".
LCF Enterprises,
Camarillo, CA
(805) 388-8454.

2 - 18 GHz Amplifier
The model PE1-38-0218-12/-7-T-SFF broadband 2 to 18 GHz amplifier operates from -55° to +85°C and provides 38 dB gain that varies only +/-3 dB with temperature. The unit can be used in microstrip or connectorized applications and measures 1.080" x 0.560" x 0.195".
Planar Electronics Technology,
Frederick, MD
(301) 662-5019.

Tower Amplifier
The model 810 tower amplifier is a small, rugged unit designed for use as a low noise pre-amplifier to be placed in line next to the tower-top antenna subsystem. The unit's package is lightweight and supported easily when inserted in the existing signal cable. No additional cables, antenna or wiring are needed.
Cellular Specialties Inc. (CSI),
Manchester, NH
(603) 626-6677.

Tower-mounted Amplifier
The model 490105 trunking/SMR tower-mount amplifier provides significant uplink range extension for rural sites and features a compact, weatherproof enclosure that houses an LNA with preselector and impulse suppressor. The unit includes a current meter that monitors LNA performance, and operates from 12 to 20 V DC, negative ground. In addition, portable talk-back range is improved by the unit's low system noise figure (1.8 dB (typ)) and additional extension can be realized if the company's Maximizer™ antennas are used at sectorized sites. The amplifier uses dual GaAs FET devices in hybrid configuration for high reliability.
Celwave, a division of Radio Frequency Systems Inc.,
Marlboro, NJ
(800) 235-9283.

1 W Linear Power Amplifier
The model PA1142 1 W linear power amplifier features high frequency operation of 1990 MHz, high output power of +32 dBm, high IP3 of +46 dBm, and an SWR of 1.8 (typ) and 2 (max). In addition, reverse isolation is 25 dB, noise figure is 3 dB (typ) and 4 dB (max), and gain is 22 dB (typ) and 20 dB (min).
Phoenix Microwave Corp.,
Telford, PA
(215) 723-6011.