Remtec Inc., a leading manufacturer of ceramic substrates, packages and submounts using PCTF (plated copper on thick film) metallization, has been acquired by Legacy Technlogies Inc. (LTI) , a major player in the field of precision glass-to-metal seals and glass-to-metal hermetic packages.

In making the announcement to employees and customers, Remtec President Nahum Rapoport said, “I am pleased to announce that Remtec has been acquired by LTI, Inc., a company that addresses similar markets and customers that should greatly help in continuing product enhancements and development. Remtec will remain an independent company operating under the existing management team at the present location.  I will continue to serve as President of Remtec and as a Remtec and LTI Board member.  Remtec’s customers will continue to interact with the same professionals from our customer service, engineering, and application engineering teams.”

Bruce Diggett, LTI president and CEO, said “the acquisition will benefit LTI’s domestic and international customers, as the combined companies will have even greater resources for product innovation, manufacturing efficiencies and customer service.”

Rapoport added, “The acquisition creates a synergistic partnership between ceramic and glass-to-metal packaging companies who can now share their engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities, as well as similar marketing and sales strategies.”  With both companies participating in similar markets, product innovations in those markets can be expected.

LTI manufactures glass-to-metal seal hermetic packages, high reliability precision quartz crystal holders and specialized solutions for aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical, automotive and sensor applications.  LTI is a RoHS and ISO compliant and ITAR registered company located in Mission, Kan.

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