IntegraVision PA2203AHighlights:

  • Specialized features streamlines three-phase device analysis
  • Intuitive touch interface simplifies setup and reduces configuration time
  • Eliminates the need for a scope to capture and visualize repetitive and single-shot events

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) announced an extension to the IntegraVision family of power analyzers, the first in the industry to combine high-accuracy power measurements and touch-driven oscilloscope visualization in a single instrument. The Keysight IntegraVision PA2203A 4-channel power analyzer gives R&D engineers working on three-phase power devices an intuitive tool that delivers the dynamic views they need to see, measure and prove design performance.

Like the Keysight IntegraVision two-channel power analyzer, the four-channel entry provides 0.05 percent basic accuracy and 16-bit resolution measurements critical to identify and characterize incremental improvements in highly efficient electronic power conversion systems. While the two-channel version has proven ideal for design and test of common home and office devices that use single-phase power, devices used in commercial and industrial settings frequently require three-phase power. The IntegraVision PA2203A provides three-phase power measurements and analysis. The PA2203A has four power channels in the same space-efficient package for fast, accurate design and validation of grid-connected devices, motors, and other high-power devices.

In addition, the instrument lets users visualize transients, in-rush currents and state changes with a 5-M samples-per-second digitizer that captures voltage, current and power in real time with 2.5-MHz bandwidth. By eliminating the need for a scope to view power-line phenomena and time-varying performance, the IntegraVision streamlines measurement setup and reduces configuration time. Engineers can observe power consumption under dynamic conditions on the IntegraVision’s 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen with twice the viewing area of competitive models.

“The new IntegraVision PA2203A power analyzer gives R&D engineers the highly accurate measurement engine of a power analyzer and the user experience of an oscilloscope to resolve issues and optimize efficiency in three-phase designs,” said Kari Fauber, general manager of Keysight’s Power and Energy Division. “Solar inverters have DC input and three-phase AC output requiring four power channels. The PA2203A is perfect for this application, as it can measure DC and AC, and provide efficiency and power-quality analysis.”

The IntegraVision PA 2203A streamlines three-phase device analysis with several unique capabilities:

  • On-screen wizard for step-by-step visual guidance to set up complex three-phase wiring
  • Choice of a delta (triangle) connection that wires between phases or a wye (star) connection that wires from a phase wire to a common neutral point
  • Phasor diagram to verify connections and analyze phase relationships

In addition, the IntegraVision PA2203A offers external sensor inputs and 2-Arms and 50-Arms direct current inputs standard on all four power channels. The external sensor input supports current probes and transducers up to 10-V full scale. Wide-ranging, isolated inputs up to 1,000 Vrms (Cat II) enable engineers to address multiple test scenarios. The integrated data logger provides data capture for up to one year for offline analysis and archiving.

Keysight drew inspiration from the InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series oscilloscope to design the IntegraVision analyzer’s intuitive, touch-enabled user interface with pinch, zoom and scroll capabilities. The familiarity of most R&D engineers with scopes means a short learning curve that ensures they gain new insights into their three-phase designs much faster.

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U.S. Pricing and Availability

The four-channel Keysight IntegraVision PA2203A power analyzer is suitable for three-phase AC measurements and can be ordered today. Shipments of the PA2203A are expected to begin in January 2016. The list price for the PA2203A is $31,500. The Keysight IntegraVision PA2201A is available and in stock for immediate delivery.