LPRS, Europe’s leading manufacturer of short-range wireless devices, announces the availability of the Circuit Design STD-601 400MHz transceiver module for telemetry, remote control and industrial applications.

The advanced design has many innovative features including four frequency ranges conforming to various ISM bands available in the single device without sacrificing the superior performance of Circuit Design’s conventional RF modules. Featuring high performance narrowband, blocking and sensitivity, the module is suited for rugged, noisy industrial environments where good channel selectivity is required.

Other standard features include a range of selectable RF power levels (maximum 50mW RF power) and data rates and user data input is transparent allowing the use of proprietary protocol. The STD-601 module is surface mountable, requiring minimal PCB area and is just 5mm high making it suitable for design into portable equipment.

Key specifications of the STD-601 400 MHz include 429, 434, 447 and 458MHz customer selectable frequency bands, selectable RF power outputs of 50, 25, 20, 10, 5 and 1mW, selectable RF bit rates of 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200bps, asynchronous data input with transparent interface, power consumption 35mA typical (TX 10mW, 3 V), Communication range 600 m (LOS) at 10mW, compact size 20 × 32 × 5 mm SMD

In addition to the STD-601 400 MHz transceiver Circuit Design also manufactures a single band 434MHz version which has CE EN300220 approval with low power consumption of just 26mA (TX 10mW, 3 V).

Evaluation boards for the Circuit Design STD-601 transceiver are available from LPRS for designers to develop and prove their wireless communication systems

LPRS designs and manufactures the highly successful eRIC and easyRadio Advanced (eRA) wireless modules in the UK. LPRS product range now includes; Raspberry Pi and Arduino Shield wireless platforms,antennas, wireless key fobs, a wide range of sensor products, Circuit Design wireless products and the IQRF range of wireless mesh networking componentsfor telemetry, industrial control and building automation.

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