Millitech Inc., a leader in millimeter-wave technology, announces the product launch of Spartan Test Modules (STM), a new line of high frequency test modules providing an excellent value lower cost alternative to fully integrated millimeter-wave test systems.

The STM series makes measurements at V and E Band (54 GHz – 90 GHz) using virtually any make, model or vintage Vector Network Analyzer that operates up to 10 GHz. The Spartan allows the user to perform all of the measurements needed (insertion loss, return loss, gain, and phase) without paying for all the unnecessary bells and whistles.  

With as much as 90 dB of dynamic range, the STM is ideal for test applications with high dynamic range requirements, such as switches and filters.  The STM is also compatible with Scalar Network Analyzers, and can be used as a downconverter for Spectrum Analyzers. 

Beyond being very cost effective, the STM’s compact size makes it a versatile upgrade to an existing test lab or a valuable addition to a production test system. The modules are particularly well suited for near-field and far-field antenna measurement range applications. The STM can easily be customized to function as a stand-alone system for specific production environments and at different frequencies.

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