SKY82896Skyworks introduces a step-up, three-channel LED driver with an I2C interface and pulse width modulation dimming control, offering 10-bit dimming accuracy down to 0%. The SKY82896 features a wide input voltage range of 2.5 to 5.5 V and high-boost switching frequency. Minimal external components reduce the solution size and make the device suitable for LED backlighting in single-cell, Li-Ion battery-based applications.

It includes over-temperature protection, programmable over-voltage protection, boost over-current protection, and open/short LED protection. The device enables use of small chip inductor rather than a wire-wound inductor, which makes it perfect for space-constrained designs. Its good low current performance ensures smooth dimming performance and optimal image quality across various brightness levels. The device enables high LED efficiency, resulting in longer battery life.

The SKY82896 is available in a space-saving 1.956 x 1.906 x 0.65 mm, 16-bump Wafer-Level Chip Scale (WLCSP) package. The link to the datasheet can be found on at:

Samples and evaluation boards are available. Pricing depends on quantities. Please contact a sales representative at or visit the company’s website at for more information.