Low Profile OCXOs
The CMO5000 series low profile oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) offer a holdover frequency stability an order of magnitude better than the Stratum III telecommunications requirement in a space-saving, low profile package. The units' oven construction allows the entire oscillator to be encapsulated in a package measuring 36.0 x 27.0 x 13.5 mm deep. Holdover stability is guaranteed to be down to 0.03 ppm over an ambient temperature range from -10° to +70°C. The available output frequencies are 38.88 and 51.84 MHz, both of which are standard in telecommunications applications. The devices can be specified to operate from a supply voltage between 9 and 20 V, consuming no more than 400 mA during oven warmup and 120 mA at steady state from a 12 V supply at +25°C ambient temperature. Effects of aging on output frequency are no more than 0.35 ppm over a 20-year period while overall stability is specified to within 0.51 ppm. Prices: range from $99 to $200 (depending on specifications and quantity).
C-MAC Industries Inc.,
Durham, NC
(919) 941-0430.

RF Generators
The PFG-RF series RF generators feature several advantages, including proven operation in the lab and production processes; high stability, resulting in high accuracy and repeatability; 100 percent mismatch protection; and optimum process control via an integrated microprocessor. The units feature a nominal frequency of 13.56 MHz +/-0.05 percent (quartz stabilized), a 50 W coaxial (type BNC), RF output power regulation and microprocessor control. The generators provide RF output power from 300 to 5000 W and can be used with all PVD, CVD and etching processes.
Huettinger Electronic Inc.,
Farmington, CT
(860) 677-7930.

Rubidium Oscillators
These Rubidium oscillators are designed for industrial, military and space applications. Standard frequencies include 5, 10, 10.23, 13 and 20 MHz. Accuracies to 1 x 1013/day are available.
Temex Electronics Inc.,
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 780-1995.