Keysight Technologies Inc. announced that China Telecom Corp. Test labs (GSTA) in Guangzhou, China has selected the T3111S NFC Conformance System for near-field communications (NFC) device acceptance test.

The T3111S is a compact and flexible tool that helps engineers gain insight into NFC performance through RF and Protocol measurements. Additionally, the system provides standard test suites and the widest test coverage required by NFC Forum, EMV L1 and ISO test specifications. Furthermore, T3111S was the first test system to complete validation of all NFC Forum required certification tests including Digital Protocol, Analog, LLCP and SNEP and it was also the first test system used in the NFC Forum Certification Program. The T3111S is a key tool in many R&D centers and test labs worldwide for NFC devices design, evaluation and acceptance test.

In 2015, with the 4G and mobile internet market growing, China Telecom is continuing to invest in NFC enabled devices for its mobile payment service. However, NFC brings new test and validation challenges by the traditional telecom operators.

“Based on our thorough evaluation of the Keysight NFC test system, we chose to equip our lab with the T3111S test system which, together with the expertise brought by the Keysight local team in the NFC field, will help us achieve success in our NFC user devices acceptance program,” said the China Telecom representative in charge of the NFC validation lab.

“We are delighted by CTC’s decision to use our T3111S Test System for NFC devices test acceptance,” said Joe De Pond vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Mobile Broadband Operations. “This is the result of a long collaboration between our companies. We look forward to supporting CTC labs in NFC and other key wireless technologies and applications well into the future.”

The development of mobile NFC payment systems creates significant security and interoperability challenges. FIME, a Keysight partner and a world leader in secure payment testing, provides a comprehensive secure payment testing solution for EMV Level 1 RF and NFC testing based on the Keysight Technologies T3111S NFC Conformance Test System. In addition to NFC/EMV contactless and mobile device test tools, Keysight provides solutions for many wireless technologies including 2G/3G, LTE and LTE-A.

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