ARC Technologies is showcasing its wide range of capabilities to solve microwave and RF interference, radar absorbing, and EMI control challenges at 2015 DesignCon  in Santa Clara, Calif.

Visit ARC Technologies at Booth #503 to see new testing capabilities and solutions, including their Focused Beam Testing system providing electromagnetic test capabilities up to 110 GHz, the new ARC Clear Conductive Electromagnetic Shielding AC2ES™, and the latest automotive anti-collision radar materials. 

Staying ahead of today’s technologies, ARC Technologies Inc. has expanded its’ electromagnetic test capabilities up to 110 GHz with the addition of a focused beam system. Measuring a material’s permittivity (ε) and permeability (μ) is critical in the design and development of high frequency materials and systems. The ARC Technologies Inc. focused beam system allows for non-destructive, accurate measurements of these material parameters, including reflection and transmission loss, from 2-40 GHz and 75-110 GHz. This new testing service provides customers a more affordable and fast way to turn around their testing needs.

The newly released AC2ES is an advanced, optically clear, transparent, thin-film conductor that provides excellent EMI shielding and conductivity. It is a robust, ultra-thin, flexible film incorporating conductive nanoparticles and a low-cost direct replacement for Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) films. AC2ES is available in flat or 3D form, or can be supplied pre-cut to exact customers’ specifications.

Addressing automotive radar designers and autonomous vehicle technology needs for accuracy and reliability, ARC Technologies has perfected a family of optimal RF noise mitigation materials. These materials can be formulated, molded or otherwise fabricated to best suit the application. ARC Technologies can help get technology up to speed with new radar absorber products SB1009, SB1006 and MC1000. Its SB and MC series absorbers are weather and chemical resistant and are suitable for use on the vehicle body, bumpers and other exterior surfaces.

At the ARC Technologies booth #503, request a free Engineering Survival Kit (ESK). ESK is intended to get material engineers started in solving EMI/RF noise issues and help select the product best suited for their application.

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