W. L. Gore & Associates has introduced an online tool designed to complement the existing GORE™ Microwave/RF Assembly Builder.  The new GORE™ Microwave/RF Assembly Calculator is used to calculate insertion loss, VSWR and other parameters of GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies for different cable types. The calculator is particularly useful when the initial cable type is unknown and needs to be specified independent of the connector.

The main calculator section enables the user to select a market (aerospace and defense, spaceflight, test & measurement) and category (such as general purpose, ruggedized and phase stable, etc.) from the dropdowns to view cable types and their specs. The user then enters data in fields for frequency, length, temperature and altitude to narrow the results in the main cable types table. The multiple cable review tool allows the user to select up to three cables to be compared on a single, detailed results screen.

“The Gore Microwave/RF Assembly Calculator really lets engineers minimize the trade-off in mechanical vs. operational specs of a cable,” said Keith Cuthbert, Gore applications engineer." A user can now figure out exactly how narrow of a cable you can get while maintaining a required insertion loss performance.”

The calculator includes a conversions page that has most of the everyday conversions, including distance, frequency, power, temperature, VSWR/return loss and weight. A Glossary is also included that features explanations for many of the terms used in the online calculator.

The online interface features a responsive design, making it equally usable on PCs, tablets and smartphones using any major browser (Explorer, Chrome, Safari). “Today’s engineer is not always using a desktop computer, therefore tools need to be accessible and useful anytime and anywhere,” said Jenn Haupt, global marketing specialist at Gore.

To view Gore’s new Microwave/RF Assembly Calculator, visit tools.gore.com/gmcacalc