High Capacity Digital Relay System
The FibeAir 1500™ high capacity digital relay system can carry medium and high capacity payloads such as voice, video and data. Designed specifically for microwave ATM applications, the unit deploys state-of-the-art digital communications and microwave technologies and delivers high spectral efficiencies. Operating from 15 to 38 GHz, the system can carry ATM payloads and IP over synchronous optical networks, and complies with both American and European standards.
Giganet Ltd.,
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Wideband Microwave Receiver System
The model TU-3822/IFD-3822 wideband microwave receiver system provides complete coverage from 0.5 to 18 GHz (20 GHz optional) with available extension to mm-wave frequencies. Primary applications include reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence collection. Only three pieces of equipment comprise this receiving system: the model TU-3822 tuner, model IFD-3822 IF/demodulator and a laptop PC control or local controller. The tuner and IF/demodulator can be mounted together or separated up to 400 ft (120 m) apart without the need for external power supplies or booster amplifiers. The system is field configurable for any combination of TU-3822/IFD-3822 systems via a software graphical user interface on the laptop. All tuner and IF/demodulator control and status information are transferred via Ethernet or RS-232 (RS-422 optional). A filter provides eight selectable IF bandwidths (250 kHz to 50 MHz) and can be replaced in the field using hand tools to adapt to new missions.
Hunt Valley, MD
(410) 771-0077.