S-band RF Head Marine Radar Product
This 30 kW S-band RF head consists of a magnetron, circulator, limiter and low noise front end. The unit incorporates an E-plane waveguide for a lighter-weight product for optimum performance and long life. The design can be provided with a sensitivity time control function, and the antenna output can be supplied in coax or waveguide.
EEV Inc.,
Elmsford, NY
(914) 592-6050.

Development Kit
The model DR1007-DK Virtual Wire" development kit is the latest tool for evaluating the feasibility of low power wireless data communications applications. The kit operates at 916.5 MHz and features approximately triple the range and data rate of the company’s original 916.5 MHz development kit. In addition to the DOS demonstration software included with the kit, Windows ’95/NT/CE software can be downloaded from the company’s Web site. The kit includes two radio transceiver boards with antennas, two protocol boards, batteries, demonstration software and a manual. The development kit supports out-of-the-box operation between two PCs with RS232 serial ports. The transceiver boards include automatic gain control and active TR switching circuitry. Price: $350.
RF Monolithics Inc. (RFM),
Dallas, TX
(800) 704-6079 or (972) 448-3700.